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Theft and Appropriation: Jewish Values? Witness for Peace was given a lesson in specious reasoning, attempted theft, and feigned victimization at our vigil on May 20, 2017. Take a look at the photo of this unidentified woman: This would-be thief apparently thought it her right to steal property that was obviously not hers, falsely claim […]

Witness for Peace in the News Just when you thought that journalism was totally comatose, up pops a reporter of the local on-line and print edition of The Ann Arbor News and places a call to this writer. Her interest was – after reading other accounts of the SPLC smearing us as a “hate” group […]

Fair Play This week Witness for Peace has raised questions in the Ann Arbor City Attorney’s office for one of our signs that sent Assistant City Attorney Kristen Larcom out to photograph it. The sign reads Prof. Victor Lieberman: “Heil Hitler!” And is pictured below A Short History Why would WfP carry […]

Zionist Hawk Exposed In our vigil report of April 1, we shared a letter to the Washtenaw Jewish News accepting Professor Victor Lieberman’s challenge to discuss the issues we raise at our vigils. Now it’s time to share the outcome of this offer to debate. First, we receive a notice of interest from Beth Israel Congregant […]

Witness for Peace addresses Ann Arbor City Council On Monday, May 1, I addressed Council on the topic “Holocaust Education”. Text of speech available below signature. Halfway through my presentation the 24-year-old Jewish council member, Zachary Ackerman, fled the room and returned only after I had finished the presentation and taken my seat. This action […]

Caption Contest Check out the photo below and consider the following question: Which caption provides the viewer with the stronger emotional reaction? Caption 1: Here is a recently released photograph of the back side of Auschwitz from the archives at Yad Vashem, 1943. The cattle cars (one is visible) containing older or infirm Jews were […]

Jewish News: Prudence or Cowardice? Witness for Peace has sent the following letter to the Washtenaw Jewish News and we’re currently awaiting response: March 22, 2017 Ms. Susan Kravitz Ayer Editor and Publisher Washtenaw Jewish News Re: An open letter to an Ann Arbor hate group, WJN September 2015 Dear Ms. Ayer, A close friend […]
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