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Senator Menendez of New Jersey (where I reside) and Senators Gillibrand and Schumer of New York (where I was raised and where I often work), are co-sponsors of a bill which would put people in jail for boycotting Israel. So I have this to say to them: I’m a Jew and I will go to […]

*Susan Abulhawa, April 14, 2012, “Why are Palestinians paying for Germany’s sins?” on *Rich Siegel, January 1, 2012, “The cult of atheist Zionism posing as Judaism” on *Rich Siegel, April 5, 2012, “My Pro-Palestine CD Reviewed & then ‘Un-reviewed’ ” on *Rich Siegel, March 15, 2012, “Permission to examine ‘Jewishness’ ” on […]

Internationally acclaimed jazz musician and author Gilad Atzmon returns to Geneva, NY on Tuesday, March 13, 2012, for an evening presentation with special guest Rich Siegel to help raise funds for the Deir Yassin Remembered Scholarship program. The goal of the scholarship is to provide financial aid to the young people of Palestine and Israel […]

DYR Director and pianist/vocalist/songwriter Rich Siegel has a new CD available for pre-release purchase on the “Palestine Online Store“. The CD also features Gilad Atzmon (woodwinds), Eugene Moye (cello), Gary Ciuci (guitar), Cameron Brown (bass), and Anthony Pinciotti (drums). This CD features vocals in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Hebrew and features a new cello arrangement […]

Below are all three parts of Rochester Indymedia’s video of a talk by Gilad Atzmon in a presentation by Atzmon and Rich Siegel on June 29, 2010 at the “The Flying Squirrel Community Center” in Rochester, NY. You can also watch the videos on Rochester Indymedia’s Indy TV channel on Part 1 Part 2 […]

The dialogue and jazz performances by Gilad Atzmon and Rich Siegel in Rochester, NY and in Geneva, NY were a great success in spite of Zionist attempts to silence them and our organization, Deir Yassin Remembered. Both events drew “a full house” with audiences saying how much they enjoyed meeting Rich and Gilad. Typical was […]

The text below about DYR Board of Advisers member Rich Siegel is reposted from “Teaneck harassment case ends with apology & forgiveness & Ilan Pappe” on the Mondoweiss site. Yesterday we reported that a leader in the U.S. arm of the settler movement was going to trial in Teaneck today for allegedly tailgating/harassing another New […]
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