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Taking a Lesson from Chris Rock Millions of viewers have seen Chris Rock’s “How to not get your ass kicked by the police” video. His intro is: People in the Black community often worry that we might be a victim of police brutality. So as a public service the Chris Rock Show proudly presents this […]

Ann Arbor District Library Sports New History Book Thanks to a donation by Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends, visitors to the Ann Arbor District Library may now check out a copy Alison Weir’s new book, Against Our Better Judgment: The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel. AADL members can […]

The following is reposted from the Deir Yassin Remembered Facebook page: In the wake of the recent events in the synagogue at Har Nof, Uri Avnery has written an article which you can read here. Like all his work, Avner[y]’s article is informative, original and beautifully written. But it has a glaring omission. Here, Dan […]

Local Jews Get the Heebie-Jeebies Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends are not united in their perception of the effectiveness of the BDS campaign, waged since 2005, but one thing appears certain: the local Jewish community is very nervous about this non-violent campaign strategy. So nervous, in fact, that they called in the Doctor on […]

JWPF Supports Rev. Pinkney Four members of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends traveled to Benton Harbor, Michigan to witness part of the 6-day trial of our friend and supporter, Rev. Ed Pinkney. He has been waging a decade-long campaign against corruption, corporate control, and an attempt to gentrify his town, which is 96% Black. […]

Liberal Ann Arbor Celebrates a Weakened Non-Discrimination Ordinance Here’s the bottom line: the Ann Arbor Jewish community, embarrassed in a court show-down with activist/doctor Catherine Wilkerson, and frustrated in their attempts to stop her protests with Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends in front of Beth Israel Congregation, got her fired from her job as […]

“You Don’t Need to [attend] Synagogue to be a Jew” The fifth annual Bill Henry Eat-a-Cheeseburger Day found this writer attending the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. The wearing of the colors (see below) extracted a support-to-disapproval ratio of about 4:1. The first day’s count showed 18 supportive comments and […]
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