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“No Jewish State” Requested at Ann Arbor City Council If you want to solve a problem, you need to get to its core to make the necessary corrections. Window dressing goals and tactics will provide window dressing solutions. In the case of justice in the Levant, these solutions, e.g. “end the occupation”, do not address […]

Norman Finkelstein: The Giant with Feet of Clay* Maybe it took an outburst from Abdul Roberts, a Lebanese resident of Dearborn, Michigan, to rock us into an awareness that previously might have been merely gnawing at our subconscious minds: Professor Finkelstein is a supporter of a Jewish state in Palestine, and we’re not the only […]

An Evening with Michigan Peace Team Ten members of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends combined to form a table at Friday’s fund-raiser for the Michigan Peace Team held at the Greenfield Manor in Dearborn. Approximately 500 people attended this gala affair, which featured speakers Cindy Corrie, mother of murdered activist Rachel Corrie, and Grace […]

Malcolm X’s Lesson for Sincere Jews Malcolm X writes, after his return from Mecca (The Autobiography of Malcolm X, pp. 383-384): I tell sincere white people, ‘Work in conjunction with us – each of us working among our own kind’. Let sincere white individuals find other white people … and let them form their own […]

Boycott Protest an International Success Members and friends of the Dearborn-based Jerusalem Committee traveled to the University of Michigan’s Rackham Auditorium last Thursday evening, to help bear witness to the plight of Palestinians to concert-goers and passersby alike. One man even drove in from Windsor, Ontario, lending international flavor to our protest. Thirty protesters – […]

Time to Send “End the Occupation” Packing Pause and reflect: While we note that International Law still labels Gaza as “occupied”, consider that there is no occupation in the following sense: Goldstein doesn’t live there anymore. He no longer commutes on the Jewish-only highways connecting his illegal settlement to Apartheid Israel. His wife no longer […]

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