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In Memoriam: Hedy Epstein

May 31st, 2016

Deir Yassin Remembered mourns the recent loss of Hedy Epstein, a longtime member of our Board of Advisors. For more information about Hedy please see Alison Weir’s tribute to her.

Conundrum for Beth Israel Congregation A very pleasant lady named Anne has joined our vigil group on Saturday mornings, albeit as a counter-protester. Her sign reads “God Bless Israel” and she has shown up the last two Saturdays. She asked if we were afraid because “the Bible says: ‘He who blesses Israel will be blessed; […]

The Holocaust: An Indispensable Component for Palestinian Liberation When Benjamin Netanyahu demands of Palestinians that they must accept Israel’s “right to exist as a Jewish state”, he’s telling us something. He’s telling us where the Zionist argument is weakest. Jewish Zionists like Rabbi Rob Dobrusin echo the PM’s words and Jewish so-called anti-Zionists like Josh […]

Controlled Opposition Sadly Alive and Well Two members of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends ventured to Washington, DC for a “massive” (read: 500 people) protest of the AIPAC meeting there on Sunday, March 20. Organized by Al-Awda and the ANSWER Coalition, we understood going in that Jewish Power was a topic not to be […]

A picture says a thousand words A Palestinian businessman in Ann Arbor tells me this week that Judaism and Zionism are two distinct and separate entities, a claim heard often on the Left. When I shared with him that in 1942 over 800 rabbis signed onto the document “Zionism: an Affirmation of Judaism”, he responded […]

Taking the Message Mainstream Last summer we reported on The Great Holocaust Trial by Michael Hoffman and its shocking revelation that one of the foremost authorities on the Holocaust was “at a loss” to produce a single document proving the existence of homicidal gas chambers anywhere in Nazi-controlled territories. Last week we took this message […]

Bernie’s a Jew; Don’t breathe a word My partner offers some criticism of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to family members, telling them that he’s a Jew. The reaction to her comment is sharp, almost hostile … “What difference does THAT make?”. She withdraws from the conversation, saying later that she should have said “Zionist”. But […]
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