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New Book by DYR Board Member

November 23rd, 2011

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is releasing a new book entitled Beyond Tribal Loyalties: Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists. The book is edited by DYR Director Avigail Abarbanel and has an official publication date of January 2012. You can read the publisher’s dust jacket book description below. More information can be found on Avigail’s web site. […]

Author’s note of 1 Sept 2009: This article was started and mostly completed in December 2008. Then the Israeli massacre in Gaza intervened, followed by an intensification of organizing efforts for the Batsheva Dance Company protests. After that, it gathered dust in the Drafts folder while I moved cross-country. An extended, remix version of “People […]

This video is also available for viewing here on the DYR web site.

Below are all three parts of Rochester Indymedia’s video of a talk by Gilad Atzmon in a presentation by Atzmon and Rich Siegel on June 29, 2010 at the “The Flying Squirrel Community Center” in Rochester, NY. You can also watch the videos on Rochester Indymedia’s Indy TV channel on Part 1 Part 2 […]

The dialogue and jazz performances by Gilad Atzmon and Rich Siegel in Rochester, NY and in Geneva, NY were a great success in spite of Zionist attempts to silence them and our organization, Deir Yassin Remembered. Both events drew “a full house” with audiences saying how much they enjoyed meeting Rich and Gilad. Typical was […]

I just posted a recent press releaseĀ  from the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign entitled “Auschwitz survivor slams Scottish prosecutors for ‘taking sides with Israel’ ” on, the sister site to the Deir Yassin Remembered site. The survivor in question is Hajo Meyer, who just had his article, “An Ethical Tradition Betrayed,” published in the […]

Abuna Chacour and JWPF Abuna Elias Chacour spoke this week at the First Presbyterian Church in Ann Arbor and delivered his message of steadfastness and love. Abuna is noted for founding the Mar Elias Educational Institutions and was hosted by Pilgrims of Ibillin. This writer reminded him of his visit to Ann Arbor four years […]
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