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Report on Beth Israel vigil 08-09-14

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Ann Arbor City Council: “Where is the humanity?”

The Palestinian voice was heard loud and clear this past week in the chambers of Ann Arbor’s City Council as six Palestinian students and local citizens individually chastised the council and mayor for their continued inaction on the slaughter in Gaza and asked: “Where’s the humanity?” Between speakers the enthusiastic audience chanted “Boycott Israel!” allowing the mayor to take the opportunity to temporarily shut down the meeting and video broadcast. The coverage of this meeting can be found here and in this writer’s opinion, few videos are as important as this one, as Palestinian Americans voice their frustration and anger at local government. Please advance to 00:09:10 as the speakers begin addressing council. Kudos to Vigil supporters M and B for organizing and participating in these emotional, heart-rending presentations.

JWPF on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

Veterans Today editor Kevin Barrett interviewed this writer last week for a one-hour radio show on Kevin’s No Lies Radio program. Kevin found our last report to be an invitation to talk further, and titles this interview: “Henry Herskovitz: ‘We’re winning the battle against Zionism'”, He writes:

In this interview Henry describes the huge shift in public opinion he’s witnessing as more and more Americans wake up and turn against Zionism. We discuss all of the most controversial related topics, including the Holocaust Religion and its heretics.

Click here, then on the right-pointing arrow to listen to the radio show.


Eight vigilers
Holding the Jewish community accountable for their support of the Jewish state
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

Report on Beth Israel vigil 08-02-14

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We’re Winning (One man’s view)

4,200 miles on a motorcycle through ten states including Colorado and Wyoming netted us the following observation: There were only two rather feeble responses to the anti-Israel bumper stickers and garments worn, when in the past there were many. In addition, the force and anger of the offended viewers previously contained much more heat (always little light) than the two this year. True, many racist heads were turned away from the sentiments on the t-shirt, but only two had the courage of their convictions to mount anything close to an offensive. We conclude it’s just getting harder and harder to claim any defense for the vicious Jewish state and the war crimes it commits.

Josh Ruebner: stop picking on “Israel”

The U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation – headed by Josh Ruebner – defines itself as “A national coalition of more than 400 groups, the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation works to end U.S. support for Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. We support a U.S. policy that upholds freedom, justice and equality.”

Past experience and encounters suggest to us that Josh also supports Israel’s claimed “right” to exist as a Jewish state and there lies the rub: Josh, since you support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state (and please do correct us if we’re wrong) how can you possibly criticize the tactics with which your Jewish state MUST act to maintain its racist policies inherent in its founding? Jews, with their seemingly never-ending arrogance, have planted themselves in the midst of a people who rightly reject their forced presence (force is the only way to maintain this Apartheid situation) and you, Josh, are a Jew.

It’s a tongue-in-cheek “tough row” to hoe for the Jewish state, killing and maiming civilians, with some Jews even calling for a complete genocide of the Palestinian people*. So how can you sit there and demand that Israel cease the violence that is REQUIRED of them to maintain Jewish supremacy?

We certainly hope that the US Campaign sheds its sheep’s clothing and comes out of its closet to announce its tacit alliance with the leaders of the Jewish state. After all, Josh, they’re only doing what they have to do.

And Rebecca Vilkomerson, you’re next …


July 19: 7 vigilers
July 26: 4 vigilers
August 2: 8 vigilers
End the Jewish state: Now more than ever
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

* Jewish blogger Yochanan pens “When Genocide is Permissible” which is published by the Times of Israel, then taken down. Kinda like the trial attorney advising the jury to “disregard” statements made in their presence. Click here for article from Huffington Post.

Eid 2014

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Report on Beth Israel vigil 07-12-14

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JWPF in the News

Two JWPF supporters and this writer addressed the Ann Arbor City Council last Monday (7/7) on the topic of human rights violations and Israel. From the pages of,

7:13 p.m. Public commentary. This portion of the meeting offers 10 three-minute slots that can be reserved in advance. Preference is given to speakers who want to address the council on an agenda item…Three people are signed up to talk about US-Israel foreign policy: Mozhgan Savabiehsfahani, Blaine Coleman and Henry Herskovitz…

7:21 p.m. Blaine Coleman says he was here a year and a half ago when Israel was bombing Gaza. He’d asked Chuck Warpehoski (Ward 5) to spearhead a resolution asking for a boycott Israel. Now he was back a year and a half later and Israel was bombing Gaza again, and he was asking again for a symbolic resolution boycotting Israel. He refers to the beating of school children. [By way of background, here’s a link to video posted by The Guardian, which reports the video was broadcast on a Palestinian TV station as showing the beating of Tariq Abu Khdeir, 15-year-old Floridian, who was visiting Israel.]

This boy was on the front page of the New York Times, Coleman says. He asks the council to pay for the boy’s airfare from Florida to come talk to the Ann Arbor city council.

7:28 p.m. Mozhgan Savabiehsfahani is also addressing the beating of the Floridian schoolboy. She’s also talking about other children who have been beaten up “on your watch.” She’s been coming to the Ann Arbor city council for 10 years, she says, telling the council that they need to act, and she’s seen no effect. “How many more dead bodies can you handle?” she asks. She tells them that they’re trying to make history, but “You ain’t gonna make no history, if you say nothing in the face of this kind of brutality,” she tells them. “You support this with your silence,” she says. She calls the bus stop slogans here in Ann Arbor – “Our Way of Life” – phony. She and Coleman are holding signs showing photographs of the beaten boy’s face. She tells the council they’re looking at her like she’s some kind of five-headed dragon. Boycotting Israel is their duty, she concludes.

7:34 p.m. Henry Herskovitz reminds the council that he’d told them last month how Israel had attacked the U.S.S. Liberty. Tonight he’s addressing the council on the topic of the Lavon Affair, which was a 1954 operation conducted by Israeli military intelligence that involved recruiting Egyptian Jews to strike U.S. and British civilian targets, which were then planned to be blamed on Muslim extremists. [Wikipedia link on Lavon Affair] Herskovitz traces the Lavon Affair to the policies of Eisenhower and Nasser. Lavon was an official who was forced to resign. Herskovitz quotes Malcom[sic] X, saying that the American public has been “bamboozled” on the issue of Israel.

Readers can view full speech after signature, and view the presentation here (forward to 00:22:47).


5 vigilers
Denying Israel’s claim to legitimacy
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

July 7, 2014 [ 386 words]
Topic: The Lavon Affair: When Israel Firebombed U.S. Installations

Good Evening,

Last month I explained how our supposed ally Israel intentionally attacked the USS Liberty, in international waters in an attack lasting longer than that at Pearl Harbor.

This month I’d like to relate to you another attack on US property by this same supposed ally. This event happened 13 years prior to the attack on the Liberty, and occurred in the cities of Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt, designed as false-flag operations. The targets were the U.S. Information Services libraries and consular offices. Egyptian Jews had been trained in Israel and returned to Egypt to await orders to carry out acts of sabotage in case of war between Egypt and Israel. They set off incendiary devices in these US offices, and also planned to bomb public arenas in these cities.

Part of the reason for these attacks lies in the budding relationship between two very popular, charismatic military men who became heads of state. President Dwight Eisenhower saw Gamal Abdel Nassar in his image and set out to create a relationship with him that would eventually enable a peace to be worked out between Egypt and Israel.

As is pretty evident by our recent news, Israel has never wanted peace, and in 1954 it was no different. Members of an IDF intelligence organization sent the Jewish sleeper cells into action and after they were arrested by Egyptian police, started the cover-up. State Founder David Ben Gurion blamed then Prime Minister Moshe Sharett for the bungled false-flag attack. General Moshe Dayan could not be implicated, neither would Dayan’s intelligence chief Benjamin Gibli. The only man unprotected in this chain of responsibility was Defense Minister Pinchas Lavon, from which the “Lavon Affair” got its name. He was forced to resign a half-year later.

To borrow a word from Malcolm X, the American people have been BAMBOOZLED by a pro-Israel press and the power of the pro-Israel Lobby. How many more eight million dollar days are we going to dole out to the very state which attacks, spies on and sabotages our county?

I’d like to conclude with the words attributed to Father John Sheehan of the Jesuit order: “Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that, before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East”.

Thank you

Report on Beth Israel vigil 07-05-14

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It’s Good to be the King

For those not familiar with the Detroit metro area, there are two mainstream daily print publications, the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press, which entered into a joint operating agreement in 1987 “while maintaining separate editorial staffs”, according to Wikipedia. Nolan Finley remained as the News’ Editorial Page Editor, and also remains a staunch Zionist. He penned a falsehood-filled editorial last month, and this writer sought to focus on only one of the distortions, via an email letter:

June 23, 2014
Editor, The Detroit News
Editorial Page
615 W. Lafayette, Detroit, MI 48226.

Dear Sir/Madam:

Nolan Finley should have contacted the fact checkers before he penned his op-ed, “Divest from Palestinians, instead.”* He writes “The Palestinians pioneered and perfected terrorism as a means of gaining political leverage.” This is factually not true, in spite of Mr. Findley’s attempt here to alter the record. Menachim Begin, interviewed in 1948, was asked: “How does it feel, in light of all that’s going on, to be the father of terrorism in the Middle East?” Begin proclaimed “In the Middle East? In all the world!” (source: Against Our Better Judgment; The secret history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel by Alison Weir, p. 61)

Mr. Finley could also clear the air for us by considering one question: Was it Palestinians who invaded Poland in 1948 and threw out 750,000 Jews to create an Islamic state in Europe based on some misreading of the Qu’ran? Or is it more factually correct to say that Jews, using terrorist tactics along with superior political and military clout, were the ones who invaded Palestine and threw out 750,000 Palestinians to create a Jewish state based on a misreading of the Bible? Many authors, including Shlomo Sand (The Invention of the Jewish People) are telling us what Arab intellectuals have been doing for years: Ashkenazi (European) Jews never originated in the Middle East, and their claim to a biblical “homeland” isn’t sustainable.

* Also titled “Divest, sure, but not from Israel”

Henry Herskovitz
Ann Arbor, MI

Well, since the fox Finley has positioned himself as keeper of the henhouse, we can now assume – since it’s been about two weeks without my letter appearing – that my email was sent to Data Heaven. Like the Zionist Melvin Kaminsky (aka Mel Brooks) says “It’s good to be the king.”

You can read Mr. Finley’s piece here and notice some of JWPF’s signs in the included photo.


5 vigilers
Remembering the Lavon Affair
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

Report on Beth Israel vigil 06-28-14

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Acknowledgment is in the mail

Our social secretary finally got around to penning the following thank you to Marc Sussman for his ongoing support of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends:

June 29, 2014

Mr. Marc Sussman
26116 York
Huntington Woods, MI 48070

Dear Mr. Sussman,

Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends would like to acknowledge your ongoing encouragement and support for our weekly vigils at Beth Israel Congregation in Ann Arbor. As part of this acknowledgment we have purchased a sign recognizing the support you provide us, which faces inbound drivers at the corner of Washtenaw and Devonshire Avenues during our vigils. It reads:

These Vigils Endorsed by Marc Sussman (Huntington Woods, MI)

I have taken the liberty of enclosing a photograph of a few members of our vigil group holding signs, including the one recognizing your support, for your own personal collection.

We are pleased to be working on the same side as you: helping to provide emergency medical care for people in the Middle East. I hope we agree that all lives are precious.

Thanks once again for your continued support,

Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends
404 Mark Hannah Pl.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103


Click here for a copy of this letter, and/or view the signed copy which appears after signature.


June 21: five vigilers
June 28: seven vigilers
Does JVP support a Jewish state?
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends
#Sussman thank you-sm

Never Part 2015

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