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Report on Beth Israel vigil 11-10-07

Posted on November 10th, 2007 at 7:15 am by

Ann Arbor Jews Go Ad Hominem

Sunday readers of the Ann Arbor News were treated to a $1500 quarter page paid advertisement attacking Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends through a thoroughly ad hominem smear of this writer [read: divide and conquer]. Including such falsehoods as “holding anti-Jewish … posters and signs”, this expensive ad does more to justify our group’s actions than our opponents could have anticipated.

What tips their hand more than anything is the full color image of the Israeli flag smack dab in the center of the ad. Here they are, complaining about protests in front of the House of Israel, claiming it’s solely a place of worship, while they brag about collecting money to contribute to the State of Israel. H-mm-m …House of Israel [Beth Israel]. State of Israel. Foreign flag. Money. Says it all. See if you agree:

Click to access Mazal%20Tov%20Ad%20by%20AASPURN.pdf

Score One for Hannah/Anna

Five members of JWPF appeared at a talk by Anna Baltzer and Hannah Mermelstein (co-Board member of Deir Yassin Remembered –, where they were asked to respond to [Beth Israel] Rabbi Dobusin’s claim that, speaking for all members of Beth Israel Congregation, he “affirms … the existence of the State of Israel as a Jewish state”. Do Anna and Hannah agree with the Rabbi and support Israel’s claimed right to exist as a Jewish state in Palestine? “No” said both women, and offered to expand on their answer. But no explanation was requested, and we say “Good job, ladies!”

City Attorney Making Local Cops Look Bad?

Remember Abraham Seligman from South Euclid, Ohio, who came to our vigils and accosted a member of JWPF in front of at least four Ann Arbor officers? So burly a man is Abraham, in spite of his 80 years, that he was double [hand]cuffed by the police, and arrested. But through the efforts of PeaceMonger, we learn that Abraham is now a free man, without even being assessed court costs at his pre-trial hearing in March. Apparently Abraham’s standing mute resulted in City Attorney Steve Postema’s office dropping all charges. As PeaceMonger writes: “This just goes to show you that while crime may not pay, in Ann Arbor it probably won’t cost you anything, either, if you’re a Zionist assaulting anti-Zionists.” See full report at

Future Action

For the past 4 Decembers, the Jewish Federation of Washtenaw County holds its annual “Big Event”, where upwards of $1 Million are collected in one evening; and Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends stages a wintry outdoor protest. This year’s event will feature Dr. Michael Oren – born and raised in New Jersey, and “ascended” (made aliyah) to Israel in the 70’s and served in the IOF – giving the keynote address. We plan to gather at the Ypsilanti (Mich) Marriott, aka “Eagle Crest” to once again protest this shameful pandering for support of genocide. Date is Thursday, December 6th. Details to follow. Check details at

Eight members of JWPF asking
Jewish Supremacist State, or Peace?
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends
Henry Herskovitz

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