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Report on Beth Israel vigil 06-05-10

Posted on June 12th, 2010 at 7:59 am by

Support Helen Thomas – Sign the Petition

Talk about the power of the Jewish Lobby to divert attention from the horrific attacks in the Mediterranean by forces of the Jewish State to the truthful statements uttered by one of the few remaining true journalists this country has to offer! It reminds us of the power of the local Jewish community to get a physician ousted from her job at a local community clinic, because, like Ms. Thomas, she stood up and spoke the truth. Our lessons for today is that Jewish Power plays along a continuum from the local to the international level, and that apologizing to angry Jews will not get you anywhere.

Readers of this report are encouraged to sign a petition in support of Ms. Thomas. You can also read Alison Weir’s accurate reporting of this attempt to divert.

They Beat Paul Larudee?

A personal note: Paul Larudee is the type of guy who’s instantly likeable. If you were to meet him and didn’t like him, my first assumption is there’s something wrong with *you*. He’s kind to a fault, dedicated, so caring and warm, that it was heartbreaking to hear of his treatment at the hands of the Torture State. That the response of mainstream Jewish organizations is to once again rally around this “shitty little country,” as one French diplomat put it, encourages members of JWPF to once again take to the streets in front of the Congregation dedicated to the existence and continual support of a Jewish supremacist state.

Torture Is Wrong

Once again, members of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends observed that no anti-torture banner has been displayed by Beth Israel. However, we have unfurled our “Torture is Wrong” banner to draw attention to the fact that June is Torture Awareness Month. Could Beth Israel’s apparent lack of participation have anything to do with the fact that Jews have a collective problem with denouncing torture, or that two years ago Rabbi Dobrusin explained to his congregation how torture can be “justified” as and “act of self-defense” under Jewish religious law?

Correcting A Slight Misconception

Last week we reported on Fifth Ward City Council Candidate Lou Glorie, and we wrote: “But sadly, even she recognizes the damage the Jewish community can inflict upon local candidates”. This sentence caused some unintended discomfort, so we now clarify that it was an expressed opinion by the writer and not a reported statement from Ms. Glorie.

Nine Vigilers
Paul Larudee is beaten, Ken O’Keefe is beaten worse, because Jews want the land
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

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