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Report on Beth Israel vigil 09-11-10

Posted on September 18th, 2010 at 7:38 pm by

When JWPF Speaks, the Jewish Community Listens

David Shtulman, the Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor, is a faithful reader of these reports, and our thanks goes out to him and other members of the Jewish community who listen to our messages. In his Shabbat Message of August 27 David quotes us from our vigil report of 08-14-10 .

In a move that will certainly spark outrage by Jewish Voice for Peace, David focuses on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which he claims “undermines the façade of seeking peace or justice”. Well, if that doesn’t raise the hackles of JVP, we don’t know what will. Go get ‘im, Barbara!* Explain to him that his suggestion to “invite Palestinian musicians to perform in order to highlight Palestinian culture”, entirely fails the purpose of any boycott, which is to highlight the crimes of the offending entity, and to shun the criminal country performing these crimes against humanity.

Challenge David when he says, of JVP’s efforts to comply with The Call, “the best way to respond to these boycotts is to assure they fail.” Take a line from JWPF, when we were successful at implementing a boycott of the local Hiller’s grocery chain. Tell David we know boycotts work, and JVP supports them.

There is, however, one statement that David makes with which we entirely agree. He closes his Message with “I will see you at the concert”; JWPF looks forward to the meeting.

Reconnaissance Report

Last week we promised a land survey of the new venue for the annual fund raiser for the Federation at Eastern Michigan University’s Convocation Center. The Center is located smack dab next to the EMU football stadium, with plenty of parking and only two vehicle entry points to the building. Traffic appeared light, however, and only speculation leads us to believe that this was the underlying motive for the move. Stay tuned for further information on this event, and its protest.

Remembering Swedish Diplomat and UN Mediator Folke Bernadotte

Yesterday was the 42nd anniversary of the assassination of Folke Bernadotte by Jewish terrorists in Palestine. Travelers to Apartheid Israel will see a plaque at Yad Vashem dedicated to the memory of Counte Folke Bernadotte, who is credited with saving many European Jews during WWII, but is not listed as one of the “Righteous Among the Nations”. What they don’t tell you at Yad Vashem is that right after the Count said: “It would be an offence against the principles of elemental justice if these innocent victims of the conflict were denied the right to return to their homes, while Jewish immigrants flow into Palestine” he was murdered for speaking such a truth. As Mazin Qumsiyeh puts it:

“For this outspoken support of basic human rights, Zionists assassinated Bernadotte in Jerusalem September 17, 1948. The head of the Stern terrorist gang, Nathan Friedman-Yellin, was sentenced to five years imprisonment for the murder but was quickly pardoned and in 1950 was elected to the Israeli Knesset. In the same year, the Knesset introduced laws to ensure refugees are not allowed to return. A massive media campaign was then launched to ensure that the world did not get the real story about those unfortunate victims of war and repression.”

Seven Years of Holding the Jewish Community Accountable

JWPF notes the completion of seven years holding non-violent vigils at Beth Israel Congregation. We thank our supporters, including the University of Michigan Athletic Department, which insures us of steady, increased traffic flow on these Saturday mornings. Go Blue, indeed!

Six Vigilers
No Jewish State
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

* Barbara Harvey, JVP member and regular spokesperson

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