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Report on Beth Israel vigil 12-04-10

Posted on December 12th, 2010 at 11:48 am by

Anti-Zionist Anna Baltzer Tabbed as National Organizer

This week the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (ETO) announced the hiring of Anna Baltzer as National Organizer. We feel that the addition of an anti-Zionist bodes well in shifting ETO in a new direction, since previously it has seemed that ETO toed a Left Zionist, “two-state solution” line.

We welcomed Anna to our anti-Zionist ranks based on her response to a question during her presentation at Ann Arbor’s First Presbyterian Church on Nov. 16, 2007. When asked if she agreed with Rabbi Dobrusin in supporting Israel’s claimed right to exist as a Jewish state, Anna quickly and clearly replied “No”.

A friend of ours points out, however, that the “right to exist as a Jewish state” does not appear on Anna’s website:, and as far as we know, this site has been around for quite a few years. So maybe Anna can clear the air, and make her feelings known publicly. We know her answer; we think the wider peace community would benefit by knowing it as well.

Helen Thomas, the Rosa Parks of the 21st Century

Just as Rosa Parks took a stand against White Power in Selma, Alabama, so has Helen Thomas taken a stand against Jewish Power in Detroit, Michigan this past week. As reported in the Detroit Free Press, Helen said, “Congress, the White House, and Hollywood, Wall Street, are owned by the Zionists”.

The howls and shrieks from the organized Jewish community of Detroit could have been heard unamplified in all parts of the country. These “drama queens of the planet” (ascribed to Vigiler G) went to the usual anti-Semite mill to grind out their insults. Abe Foxman, twenty years Ms. Thomas’ junior, sputtered: “[Thomas] is full of vitriol and prejudice and stereotyping and conspiracy”.

The correct response to being called an “anti-Semite” is to say “Thank you.” Thank you for publicly admitting you have no argument to counter the facts we present. Thank you for showing yourselves once again to be the bullies you are. We agree with Hajo Meyer: “Formerly an anti-Semite was somebody who hated Jews … nowadays an anti-Semite is somebody who is hated by Jews.”

Foxman’s ADL (Arab Defamation League*) demanded that universities disassociate themselves from Helen, and in a show of total obsequiousness, Wayne State University – Helen’s alma mater – immediately withdrew their “Helen Thomas Spirit of Diversity in Media” award in a matter of hours. As Vigiler S puts it, Helen claims that Jews are disproportionately powerful, and then they prove it by muscling the sheep into bleating repudiations of the claim.

Action This Week

Vigiler L focused her energies on local government shenanigans, and produced a musical presentation to Ann Arbor City Council at their bi-monthly meeting. She can be heard at 1:10:07 into the video found here.

Also we note that the Palestine Office in Dearborn scheduled a demonstration Friday morning at Wayne State’s Faculty Administration Building to demand that the university reinstate the Helen Thomas award in journalism. We regret that we received notification of this meeting too late to send members of JWPF to support this fine action.

Interfaith Round Table Changes Its Stripes

George Lambrides, Executive Director of the Interfaith Round Table of Washtenaw County, repeatedly demanded – in his efforts to silence the voice of Palestinian resistance – that political speech was to be parked at the door of all meetings. This rule was always honored, but now it seems that the IRT is waffling.

George and his group are now getting their political feet wet, as they team up with the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice to promote Religious Freedom Day activities. These activities include an upcoming panel discussion at the local library entitled “Can I Get Some Respect? Flashpoints and Controversies on Religious Freedom”.

Thursday, January 13th, 7:00PM at the Ann Arbor District Library. Mark your calendars!

Eight Vigilers
Helen Thomas Fan Club
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friend
* – credit to our friend Alison Weir

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