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Report on Beth Israel vigil 08-06-11

Posted on August 16th, 2011 at 8:24 pm by

Criticism or Flattery? You Decide

Brought to our attention by friend and sometime-vigiler S, we find a so-far unknown source in Ann Arbor with a gift for an Onion-type wit. From the website We find:

Monday, August 8, 2011
Protesters convince synagogue to boycott, denounce Israel
After regularly protesting outside the Beth Israel synagogue during Saturday morning services since 2003, the “Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends” have apparently convinced the rabbi and congregation to withdraw their support for Israel.
“So they directed hateful and vile attacks on people coming to our religious services. So they carried signs with swastikas outside our synagogue. What’s a little protest between friends?” said Rabbi Sol Friedbergh.
He continued: “We ignored them for many years. But their persistence just wore us down.”
The synagogue’s new policy will be to have all congregants swear allegiance to the Palestinian cause before every service. Wearing of the keffiyeh or hijab will be encouraged but not required.
The news prompted spontaneous celebrations in the streets of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and officials in the highest levels of the American and Israeli governments were reportedly reconsidering their stances toward the occupied territories.

JWPF spokesman Youssef Rabinowitz said the success proved the effectiveness of the group’s strategy of alienating, demonizing and vilifying the people you’re trying to convince.
He said the group’s next goals are to get Hiller’s grocery to boycott Israeli goods, and to ban all books with the word “Israel” from the public library.
“Those will be the first tiny steps toward bringing justice to the Palestinians,” Rabinowitz said.

A Tiny Bit of Justice

By a two-to-one margin, Ann Arbor Fifth Ward voters elected incumbent Mike Anglin over Israel-firster Neal Elyakin in the primary election held August 2nd. We exposed Mr. Elyakin’s preference for a foreign country in our vigil report of June 4, 2011 and a short talk presented to Ann Arbor’s city council on June 6th. Whether the talk and report had anything to do with Elyakin’s defeat, we can only surmise, as well as our conjecture that he “took the bait”, by flying the Apartheid flag of “Israel” only after driving by this writer’s house with Palestine’s flag flying high.

International Day of Quds

Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends are proud to co-sponsor the International Day of Quds (Jerusalem), which will feature an automobile caravan from Dearborn through downtown Detroit on Friday, August 26th. We will work with our friends from the Al-Quds Committee of Dearborn. More information next week and at

Eight vigilers
To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. –Elbert Hubbard
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

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