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Report on Beth Israel vigil 10-29-11

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Thirty Feet of Palestine

Those who attended the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor’s Main Event on October 30th passed by twenty dedicated peace activists and a thirty-foot long Palestine flag, as a reminder to them that their financial and spiritual assistance to Apartheid Israel will not pass unchallenged.


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Three banners and a myriad of signs also treated attendees and passersby alike to an appreciation of the crimes being committed by the Jewish state, supported by the complicity of those attending. This event was held at a public institution, Washtenaw Community College. Two weeks ago, we reported that the policy of WCC’s trustees was that “the property, buildings or other facilities owned and controlled by the College are not open for assembly, speech and other activities”, when it comes to non-students. Again, readers are invited to read the entire policy.

Six persons challenged this assault on the First Amendment, and peacefully walked onto WCC property holding one protest sign each. We assembled on the grassy knoll, identified in our request of WCC President, Dr. Rose Bellanca; a request was hand-delivered to Dr. Bellanca on Wednesday, four days prior to our protest. Dr. Bellanca assured us then that a response would be forthcoming.

We six were met by Jeffrey Shoemaker, Supervisor of Campus Safety and Security, who asked us to leave the property. We showed him a copy of the letter delivered to Dr. Bellanca, and informed him that we had yet to hear from her. We also showed him a copy of this writer’s summer property tax assessment with the assessed line item “Washtenaw Community College”. Mr. Shoemaker retired to his office to procure copies of the College’s policy, and returned fifteen minutes later to again ask us to vacate the premises. The six then complied with his request, and joined the others at the entrance to the College.

Nahida Challenges Jewish Power

We feel confident that our protest group has the support of the “Uprooted Palestinian”, one of the strongest Palestinian voices we’ve heard. We’ll let Gilad Atzmon – also one of our biggest friends and allies – introduce her recent article:

The following is a must read expose by Nahida Izzat. Nahida is one of the strongest, most eloquent and profound writers in our movement. And yet, in spite of being an exiled Palestinian, she is terrorised, intimidated and harassed by no others than the Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists.
In the following piece Nahida brings the shocking details of the campaign against her and freedom of speech that was led by Liverpool Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist Greg Dropkin and his clan.
I better say it clearly and loudly; we are not going to tolerate AZZ’s (anti Zionist Zionists) repellent behaviour forever.
We are tired of Talmudic commissars. We believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression.


See “Did the Age of Enlightenment never occur?” here.

Five vigilers
Zionists Out of the Peace Movement
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

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