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Report on Beth Israel vigil 01-14-12

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Atlanta Jew Considers Execution of Obama

Once again we are reminded that a “free press” means that once you own one – as Atlanta owner/publisher Andrew B. Adler does – you are free to publish anything you want, providing paper still takes ink. Vigiler T calls attention to Adler’s column in which Adler appears to advocate “a hit on the president in order to preserve Israel’s existence.” T continues:

An editorial in the Atlanta Jewish Times contains a couple of paragraphs (at least) that IMHO come close to being treasonous. So close, that is, that DHS/Secret Service ought to arrest the author and confront him with what he is advocating. As one of three options to execute in the event of Iran being proved to have nuclear weapons and the US not doing exactly what Israel wants calls for Israel to order the assassination of our president by US-based Mossad agents. Then he reiterates his idea of ordering “a hit on the president in order to preserve Israel’s existence.”

Israeli and US government officials are always talking about “our special friendship” with Israel, that Israel is “our closest ally in the Middle East,” and that our “national interests” are very much the same. And only people like JWP[F]–at the margins of “polite” conventional wisdom–dare ask questions like,  “Well, what if Israel changes course and operates AGAINST US national interests? Just how far would American Jews go in supporting Israel’s interests over that of the US?” which leads to the question  obvious to us, “Can US citizens trust American Jews to put the well-being of the US above that of Israel?” Until American Jews give evidence that they are willing to actively oppose Israel when it violates international law–not only with the ideas expressed in Adler’s column but with what it regularly does to Palestinians, flaunting nuclear weapons regulation, etc.–they should not be trusted.

The Jewish Left Zionist Richard Silverstein, writing in his blog Tikun Olam , attempts to whitewash the issue via name calling, telling his readers that Adler is an aberrant Jew, when it may well be he’s just another – albeit wealthy and vocal – member of the tribe. Silverstein is protecting Jews and Jewish-ness, not confronting them like JWPF does. Why isn’t he, like Vigiler T, calling for charges of possible treason against Adler? Perhaps it’s because he, too, is one of the Zionist types identified by — a Jewish tribal protectionist sayan.

New Signs for the Occupy Movement

If we leave it up to Jewish-influenced Michael Moore , the “Occupy” movement will have carefully omitted the large elephant in the room: Jewish supremacism in Palestine and the US. Just like his movie Fahrenheit 911, any focus on “Israel” – even the mention of its name – has been surgically removed, So, Michael, JWPF’s new signs are for you:

$2.6 Trillion
Cost of US Support to Israel, 1956 – 2002

Want Peace?
Defeat Israel

Funding Israel

Seven vigilers
Zionism: Kosher Apartheid
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends


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