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Report on Beth Israel vigil 03-31-12

Posted on April 8th, 2012 at 10:15 am by

Taking Justice to the Streets

Last week we reported that Ira Levy of Ann Arbor stole a sign from our vigil group on February 4, 2012. We also reported that City Attorney Bob West denied charges based, in part, on the alibi created by Levy that he had sold the car prior to the theft of our sign. To “prove” this sale, Levy produced a copy of the title signed only by him and Elizabeth Levy, his current wife. No buyer was identified, but the copy provides proof enough, according to local legal experts, of terminated ownership. We are hoping, however, that Mr. West will re-open the case if we can produce evidence that Levy still owns the car. So Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends offers a $100 reward for a dated photograph of a blue 2009 Honda Fit, Michigan license plate no. BVV8408, most likely still prowling around southeast Michigan. Keep your eyes open!

We also mounted a sign campaign to bring resolution to this crime. Pictured below are members of our vigil team imploring the congregants of Beth Israel to send a clear message to the sign thief in their midst.

Vigil supporter M. wonders if it would help to also remind Mr. Levy and the other congregants on the 8th commandment: “Thou shalt not steal”. Probably not, it doesn’t stop many Jews from supporting the violent Jewish theft of Palestine in 1948 and 1967, which reminds us that this Monday is Deir Yassin Day.

JWPF Supports ‘Occupy the PGA’

Three members of JWPF met with the Rev. Ed Pinkney in Ann Arbor on Sunday to discuss plans for a huge protest in Benton Harbor May 23-27, the dates of the Senior Men’s PGA tournament which will be played on stolen land, aka The Golf Club at Harbor Shores. We pass along open invitations from our good friends Ed and his wife Dorothy to join them in protesting what he refers to as the genocide of Benton Harbor.

JWPF Addresses City Council

Two members of JWPF showed up in City Council chambers to apprise the council of the theft of our sign, and to recap other Jewish crimes against us. Text of speech follows signature.

Billboard Update

Starting Monday, April 9, the billboard financed by Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends, IfAmericansKnew, and Deir Yassin Remembered will greet southbound traffic on the Southfield Freeway (M-39) just south of the Interstate 96 intersection. Passing motorists will see “$8 Million/Day to Israel? 1-855-ITS-OUR-MONEY” (dialing this number provides the caller with additional information and accepts donations). Tax deductible contributions to maintain this billboard are accepted at and Please note “Billboard Project” with your donations. Hopefully, this week’s location will engage and energize members of the Dearborn population and we can pass control of this billboard to them.


Six Vigilers
Rachel Corrie – American killed by the Jewish State 2003
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

Address to Ann Arbor City Council:

April 2, 2012 [396 words]
Good Evening,
We were conducting our weekly vigil February 4th on Washtenaw Avenue when I noticed a man remove a sign from the windshield of one of our cars. He placed the sign into his car and as he was getting into the driver’s seat, I approached his vehicle and asked him to return our sign. He said, “You’re not getting the sign back.” We call AAPD Dispatch with license plate number & car description; Officer KEVIN KLEITSCH came out and made a report. The case was referred to the Detective Bureau and Lieutenant CRAIG LEE was assigned, with the help of Detective MIKE LENCIONI. One month later I correctly identified the man who stole the sign from a photo lineup as IRA LEVY, 4770 Northgate Dr. in the Loch Alpine subdivision.
In spite of correctly identifying Mr. Levy, in spite of the license plate still registered to him as of March 12, and in spite of a professionally written 8-page police report, we were notified that the City Attorney’s office elected not to prosecute.
We peaceful protesters have been in this position before: In September 2006 – ABRAHAM SELIGMAN of Cleveland, Ohio assaulted a member of our protest group in front of at least four uniformed AAPD officers. He was dutifully cuffed and removed by police and again an excellent report was provided. But when it came time for him to face the music, the City Attorney’s office dropped the charges.
There are more instances when peaceful protesters were victims of assault: for example, in April 2010 – DAVID FAUMAN physically assaulted a member of our group while her back was turned. Again, excellent police work by Detective AMY ELLINGER, but no follow up, this time by the county prosecutor’s office.
Detective DAVE MONROE did a super job of questioning ELI AVNY after he drove his car at us in 2006, but again the county prosecutors dropped the ball.
I hope that council is not sending us the message that we are all alone out there. Without enforcement our first amendment rights are weakened, and we look to you to provide that enforcement and to reaffirm your pledge to uphold our constitution.
When I noticed that council is considering the purchase of three new vehicles for the detective bureau I felt compelled to give my support to these professionals. Ann Arbor should be proud of them.

Thank you

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