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Report on Beth Israel vigil 04-28-12

Posted on May 6th, 2012 at 8:28 am by

Protesting “Celebrate Israel” Day

Here is our flyer for the May 20 protest of the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor’s “Celebrate Israel” day. We have noise permit, bullhorn, and need five sturdy volunteers to hoist the 30-foot Palestinian flag. There may be some activists who would rather attend a Nakba memorial event instead of protesting this arrogant display of power, and to them we offer two suggestions: First, the time for such a remembrance is AFTER Palestine has been liberated and we can reminisce about past tragedies. Second is the realization that Palestine can only be liberated by ending the Zionist entity within its borders. This is a Zero-Sum game (all gains made by the Jewish state came at the expense of indigenous Palestinians) and it makes no sense to celebrate “Israel” and Palestine concurrently. The job at hand is to dismantle the Apartheid structure of “Israel”. See you May 20!

Why would any group celebrate the death of the man in the center of this 2005 photo?

Basem abu Rahme was killed by the military forces of “Israel” on April 9, 2009 while peacefully protesting in his own Palestinian village. He was killed in order to preserve the existence of the Jewish state.

We ask you to remember Basem as we protest the Jewish Federation’s “Celebrate ‘Israel'” Day, a “celebration” of ethnic cleansing, massacres and assassinations, continuing today.

Where: The Jewish Community Center
2935 Birch Hollow Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48108
When: Sunday, May 20, 2012
Time: Noon – 5pm

Directions from I-94 and State St:
North on State to Eisenhower
East (right) on Eisenhower to Stone School Road
Right on Stone School Road to Birch Hollow Drive
Right on Birch Hollow Drive to 2935

Download your own copy of the above flyer from


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