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Report on Beth Israel vigil 05-19-12

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Ann Arbor Jews Wall Themselves In

In an effort to once again shield themselves from the painful truths of their Apartheid state, members of the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor took pains not only to erect murals on the six-foot-high cyclone fence so their children – who haven’t yet hardened their hearts and minds – wouldn’t be able to view peaceful protesters, but they extended their enclosure by adding a three-foot swatch of material to block the view of our 30-foot Palestinian flag.

Were they successful at this head-in-the-sand approach? Well, partially, but as the photograph below indicates, nineteen protesters – including five stalwart individuals who fought the breeze and maintained the flag’s position – made their position known by their 3-hour presence and selective chanting.

The list of 65 United Nations General Assembly resolutions targeting Israel (none target Palestine) were read to the partygoers over a bullhorn, as were the names of Palestinian (and Israeli) children who lost their lives from the years 2012, 2011, 2010. Had we included the list of Palestinian children killed by the Jewish state in 2009 – the year of the Hanukkah massacre – we would still be reading names; over 400 Gazan children were killed in the slaughter.

Long Distance Trophy Recipient

Our new friend Clif Brown from the Chicago burbs traveled over 250 miles to attend our protest and went home with the Peace-Activist Long Distance Trophy Award. Asked to pen a few words about his Ann Arbor experience, Clif writes:

Having read about the forthright actions of JWPF through the bulletins I’ve read over the past year, I knew I had to get over to Ann Arbor and lend a hand to people who put their beliefs into action, and with whom I agree. The Palestinian flag raising was the perfect opportunity to jump in the car and get over to Michigan to help with the muscle power needed to keep a 10 x 30 fabric into the air. I’m happy to say that a whole group of friendly folks were there and despite a little challenge from the wind and torn fabric, we got the banner flying. It took five of us to hold the flag, so I have a newfound respect for the job a flagpole has to do all by itself! Thanks to everyone who made me feel welcome. I wholeheartedly enjoyed the day and topped it off with a banana split at the Ann Arbor Dairy Queen which Henry graciously bought for me. I’m back home a little fatter, a little more suntanned and happy to add one more F to JWPF!

Clif has also made a short video of our protest, viewable here. Thanks, Clif. See you October 28 when we again confront the power of the local Jewish community.

Partial Report on the ‘Trial of the Century’

Eight supporters attended our presentation in Magistrate Margaret Currie’s Small Claims courtroom last Tuesday. The case involves the broad-daylight theft of one of our protest signs on February 4 by Ira Levy, who we learn was dropping his daughter off at Beth Israel that day, and decided to take a little (illegal) liberty on his way home. Magistrate Currie has elected to take time to review the four documents we handed over to her before rendering her verdict, expected some time in June. Stay tuned.

Ed Pinkney Rocks

Three vigilers traveled to Benton Harbor to participate in the Benton Harbor Death March, aka the protest at Harbor Shore’s Senior PGA tournament (Occupy the PGA). This ongoing protest will last five days and has already received international attention. We support Reverend Pinkney and his attempts to halt the gentrification of Benton Harbor.


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