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Report on Beth Israel vigil 06-02-12

Posted on June 8th, 2012 at 7:44 am by

New Group Position: JWPF is Anti-Israel

In a unanimous vote of street vigilers, Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends have officially declared ourselves to be anti-Israel. Two main reasons have propelled this decision: We recognize that Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish state, and that the theft of Palestine is a Zero Sum game where only one can win. “Peace” and the imposition and maintenance of a violent Jewish state against the will of the Palestinian people (indeed the whole Arab/Muslim world) cannot co-exist. We choose “peace”.

Secondly, we recognize that our opponents continue their Hasbara tactic of trying to “shame” us and coerce others by labeling us “anti-Israel” (even before we adopted this position). Typically, one responds to that claim by denial: Oh, no, say most other groups, we merely want a “kinder, gentler” supremacist state. Tactically, we are removing this shaming tool from our opponents’ quiver, and stating more clearly what we are all about. When labeled “anti-Israel” we now can go on the offensive, asking our opponents why they are NOT anti-Israel? Why do THEY support Apartheid? Why do THEY support racism?

As a symbol of our new position, we hoisted and will continue to display a unique flag: A Palestinian flag on one side, stitched to an Israeli flag with an international “NO!” red circle and slash through it, pictured below

We align ourselves in part with the Neturei Karta Orthodox Rabbis who pray for the peaceful dismantlement of the state of Israel. Our flag captures the Zero Sum game aspect of this ethnic cleansing of Palestine. “For Palestine to Live, Israel Must Die”, wrote Richard Hugus during the Hanukkah Massacre of 2009. A good read.

Occupy the PGA Protest in Benton Harbor

Four members of JWPF traveled to Benton Harbor to assist Reverend Ed Pinkney with his successful efforts to raise awareness of the racism and gentrification of Benton Harbor at the hands of Whirlpool Corporation and its developer partner Cornerstone Allaince. For five days Ed and his supporters completed a two-mile death march from the Benton Harbor Library to the plot of stolen land, now called holes 7, 8 and 9 of the Harbor Shores Golf Course during the Senior PGA Tournament being played there. Go, Reverend Ed, JWPF supports you!


May 26: Three vigilers
June 2: Nine vigilers

Remember the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

One Response to “Report on Beth Israel vigil 06-02-12”

  1. Marlene Newesri

    Dear Henry,
    Notwithstanding your right to freedom of speech, I think that the petition sent to you is was directed at the wrong party and should be sent to the government of Israel.  That’s where the protest should be directed with as many signatures as possible.  It’s not a “circle & slash that speaks so negatively about a religion, a people and a country,” but the symbol itself without a circle and slash used on a flag that has committed the worst atrocities and represents nothing less than a racist supremacist state that speaks so negatively about a religion, a people and a country. That is where the offense should logically be. 
    Good luck to you in your endeavors,and many regards from me..Marlene, from the old Universalist group.
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