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Report on Beth Israel vigil 08-04-12

Posted on August 10th, 2012 at 8:32 am by

Jews Push America into Another War

Recent articles from The Washington Post and The New American highlight the small but powerful community which seeks to lead our country into yet another mid East fiasco with predictably deadly results. Zionist Jews Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Howard Berman and Chuck Schumer each place their tribal interests in supporting the Jewish state above the interests of the country they purportedly serve.

Nine years ago our friend Jeff Blankfort penned A War for Israel, describing how Jews heavily influenced the Bush administration’s decision to invade a foreign country. In this pamphlet he identified 28 individual Jews and eleven Jewish organizations who pushed strongly, and successfully, for nine years of brutality in Iraq. Eight years ago this writer attended an AIPAC conference in Chicago and found the Jewish community war drums – all blessed by rabbinical prayers – beating against Iran. Alison Weir informs us that this unwarranted focus on Iran dates back to the formation of Apartheid Israel. She now quotes an Israeli reporter, writing: “Israel and its lobby in the U.S. ‘have been leading the charge’ for an American war against Iran for years, Israeli journalist Larry Derfner reports, ‘and they’re hardly hiding it.'”

Ron Paul Speaks Out

The bill recently sponsored by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and passed overwhelmingly by the sheep in Congress was strongly opposed by Ron Paul. In an impassioned speech to Congress, with time yielded to him by Dennis Kucinich, called this bill by its true name. He said:

I think this bill would be better named if we called it “Obsession with Iran Act 2012” because this is what we continue to be doing is [being] obsessed with Iran and the idea that Iran is a threat to our national security.
Iran happens to be a Third World nation; they have no significant Navy, Air Force, intercontinental ballistic missiles — the IAEA and the CIA said they’re not on the verge of a nuclear weapon.

It’s so similar to what we went through in the early part of this last decade when we were beating the war drums to go to war against Iraq, and it was all façade. There was no danger from Iraq.

When you put sanctions on a country, it’s an act of war, and that’s what this is all about. The first thing you do when war breaks out between two countries, is you put sanctions on a country, you blockade the country. So this is an act of war.

Mark Hannah Place Neighbors Seek City Assistance, Shun Reporter

This writer was informed that eleven days prior to receiving my response, at least two neighbors sent e-mail messages to the entire Ann Arbor City Council body, the Mayor, Chief of Police, City Attorney and City Administrator. The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s office was also addressed. These messages identified “one Henry Herskovitz”, who pressed “hate speech” into his sidewalk, and

“…even more offensively, Mr. Herskovitz now has hung the flag of Israel with the red-circle-with-a-slash-through-it on his front lawn. I cannot begin to articulate how profoundly offensive and threatening I find this display. It is, quite simply, an overt and deeply unsettling display of hate and aggression…I want only a peaceful resolution to this situation, but I also must be able to live on a street where I do not feel threatened, menaced, and unsafe. I am urgently requesting your immediate response and action.”


Mark Hannah Place “Hate Speech”

The Arab American News has run a follow-up article on its report of neighborhood reaction to an anti-Israel flag being flown in Ann Arbor. Like all good journalists, this reporter sought to hear the neighbors’ voices concerning the flag and the response it generated. To his chagrin, however, he did not get the information he was after; instead he had doors slammed in his face immediately after identifying himself as a reporter for TAAN and concluded:


The irony in all of this was that I originally wasn’t too sure about Herskovitz’s decision to display an anti-Israeli flag in front of his house, although I agree with his cause, because the move may have been too bold. I went to the neighborhood to hear the other side. But now it has become clearer to me why Herskovitz put the flag there in the first place. It was to open people’s minds to a serious issue (Israel’s continued occupation and brutal treatment of Palestinians), and also to build toward a much-needed dialogue with people like the residents who refused to speak with us this week.


Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends
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  1. David

    The conflict between Jewish values and the behavior of the Israeli government is why individual prophets each have their own books in the Old Testament.
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