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Report on Beth Israel vigil 09-22-12

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Another Synagogue Vigil Appears in Colorado

We are pleased to announce a successful Yom Kippur vigil held by a couple members of CU-Divest, a group demanding divestment from Israel at Colorado University. Members of Congregation Nevei Kodesh were offered flyers (click here and here) and encouragement to atone for supporting the sin of ethnic cleansing that Israel has been committing for sixty four years. Michael Rabb organized CU-Divest as part of Boulder’s BDS community, and recognized that the issue needed to be addressed and taken to American Jews. He was joined by at least one other activist dedicated to bring awareness of Palestine’s eroding territory and control, and the Jewish community’s responsibility for supporting these crimes.

Michael reports to us that 25% of entering congregants accepted his flyer and offered thanks. Others were either not so kind or ignored the offering altogether. You can read his report from the CU-Divest page here. We at JWPF recognize this achievement by Michael and CU-Divest and wish them additional vigils and continued success.

JWPF Donates Book to Local Library

The Ann Arbor District Library now has a shelf copy of The Wandering Who: A Study of Jewish Identity Politics, thanks to a donation by Vigiler G. of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends. Currently there are two holds on one available copy. Readers are encouraged to literally check out this book.

International Eat-a Cheeseburger Day Celebrated

Cheeseburger Day reports are coming from near and far. A few California supporters and vigilers sent in their photos of sumptuous home-cooked and restaurant-purchased gourmet cheeseburgers. And it is reported that at least one of our Brit friends tossed one down, underscoring the international aspect of the holiday. Many of us in Ann Arbor also remembered Bill Henry by wolfing down one of the four main food groups. We leave it to the readers to identify the other three.

Vandals Strike AATA’s Adopt-a-Stop

Back in May we reported that Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends adopted an Ann Arbor Transportation Authority bus stop. The stop is located – conveniently – at the site of our weekly protests. This week we are sad to report that vandals struck the sign identifying JWPF as the adoptive parents of this bus stop. AATA officials have been notified and are planning to replace the sign. We will be working with these officials to determine whether a police report will be made.

Reminder: Join JWPF at ICPJ’s Annual CROP Walk

Please join JWPF and Ann Arbor residents concerned about world hunger and poverty. We will purchase some new signs for this event which will highlight the hunger and poverty forced upon Palestinian citizens and refugees by the cruel policies of the Jewish state.

What: CROP Walk in Ann Arbor
When: Sunday, October 14, 2012 Registration @ 1:00pm (walk at 2:00)
Where: Bethlehem United Church of Christ
423 S. Fourth Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Nine vigilers
Israel: No Right to Exist
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

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