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Report on Beth Israel vigil 09-29-12

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Desperate Ann Arbor Jews Cling to Two-State “Solution”

Approximately 140 local Jews calling themselves “The Future of Pro-Israel”, a project of the J-Street Education Fund, have placed a full-page ad in September’s Washtenaw Jewish News, in an attempt to salvage their Jewish state. They know that the only way they can save their “right” to ethno-religious superiority over Palestinians is to create a kinder and gentler racist state in 78% of historic Palestine, and sell it to the world as a “Jewish homeland and a democracy” while relegating millions of Palestinians to less than 22% of their homeland.

A Telling Contradiction

This document is cleverly written, with attempts to misdirect its readers’ attentions, as when it misidentifies the two players as “Israelis” and “Palestinians”, thereby appropriating an Ariel Sharon technique of establishing “facts on the ground”. In fact, the two players are Jews and Palestinians, and “Israelis” serves to mask the impertinence, artificiality and illegitimacy of the Zionist entity. There will be no “Israelis” after “the Zionist regime in Jerusalem” will “vanish from the page of time.” (See “Israel’s problem in Tehran” by Jonathan Cook).

The authors present us with a gift: they are telling us that their arguments are vulnerable, and they are showing us where. They write – without substantiation or argument – that “this cannot be a zero-sum game”. Since 2007 JWPF has been proclaiming the obvious: Territorial losses suffered by the Palestinians from 1897 onward have been gains for Jews who forced the unwilling indigenous folks from their homes and land. A clearer example of a Zero-Sum Game could hardly be envisioned, and these 140 signatories realize how vulnerable they are on this topic, so they deny reality.

Finally, we note Peace Monger has written about the Tikkun Olam hoax that the signatories presumably try to pass off as benevolent. They’re right about one thing though: Yes, Virginia, “tikkun olam is part of building a Jewish homeland”, it’s part of the Jewish “commitment to justice” snow job that the Jewish community has been perpetuating for decades, if not centuries.

The full text of the ad is repeated below signature, and a .pdf copy – with signatures – is viewable here.

A Missing Signature

Often the vigilers are harassed by UM Professor Victor Lieberman, who claims we have no right to “picket” religious institutions. Listen to him chastise a JWPF member with his blatantly false claim that J-Street is “Pro-Palestinian”. Even a casual glance at the J-Street document shows no such reference. Readers are invited to view the video and draw their own conclusions. We note that Professor Lieberman elected not to sign the J-Street document.

Following up with Pastor Rhodenhiser

As reported on Sept. 9, JWPF was asked by Pastors Rhodenhiser and Wilson, and also Mayor Hieftje, to cease the vigils at Beth Israel Congregation. After a respectable email exchange, we informed Pastor Rhodenhiser that there were too many reasons to keep the vigils at BIC. Contrary to their claim that we unfairly were singling out BIC for a vigil whose responsibility was shared by all, we recognize that Beth Israel publicly claims 100% support for Israel’s claimed right to exist as a Jewish state; it also continues transporting young children to Israel to indoctrinate them into the myth of unique Jewish suffering and specialness.

Next Sunday Join JWPF at the CROP Walk

Signs are being prepared for our participation in the annual CROP Walk, and we are increasing our exercise programs to enable us to get through the three-mile walk next Sunday. Please join us.

What: CROP Walk in Ann Arbor
When: Sunday, October 14, 2012 Registration @ 1:00pm (walk at 2:00)
Where: Bethlehem United Church of Christ
423 S. Fourth Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Eleven vigilers
Stop the Genocide in Palestine
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

Full-page advertisement in Washtenaw Jewish News, Sept. 2012

We come together as proud supporters of a two-state solution. We are Americans who believe in democracy and equality. We are Jews who believe that to seek peace is to pursue justice and ensure lasting security. We believe to our very core in Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish homeland and a democracy that guarantees equality to all its citizens. We fight for an Israel whose people live in security with recognized borders an Israel living in peace and prosperity alongside a Palestinian homeland where citizens can thrive and build their own country. We share in the vision of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people and Palestine as a homeland for the Palestinian people living side-by-side in peace and security.

We are the future of Pro-Israel and we believe in an Israel that is guided by its principles its ethics and its values as enshrined in its founding documents. We believe that tikkun olam is part of building a Jewish homeland not apart from it.; We understand that this conflict ends with two winners or two losers – that this cannot be a zero-sum game. We know that we cannot delay any longer. There will never be a better time or the right time. There is only less time; there is only now. That is why we call on the US government to invest all possible resources to help Israelis and Palestinians create a peaceful and secure future for tem both and we call out those opportunistic politicians who would jeopardize Israel’s future for their own political ends.

We are the future of pro-Israel and we have chosen to stand up for what is right and what is necessary. We care too much to be silent or to indulge in despair. We believe we serve Israel best when we create the space for an open conversation about its future in our community amongst and across generations and denominations. We will be tireless in our efforts. We will go from synagogue to synagogue Congressional district to Congressional district house to house person to person – and we will make our voices heard.

In the name of our grandparents and for the sake of our grandchildren we are the future of pro-Israel.

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