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Report on Beth Israel vigil 10-20-12

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CROP Walk “A success”

Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice program coordinator Bill Alt deemed this year’s annual CROP walk a success and links his readers to an article by where readers can view photos of this event. What these thumbnails won’t show you is three members of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends who reminded these folks that hunger and starvation in Palestine is deliberate, unnecessary, and correctable. We were happy to take part in a local even that raised $35,000 in pledges.

Grace Kotre Deems Criticism of Israel “Highly Inappropriate”

Paid ICPJ Program Director Grace Kotre, with child in hand, admonished this writer at the start of the CROP walk, telling him his sign and t-shirt were “highly inappropriate” and asked him to discontinue carrying the sign. She was told that her right to ask such favors was supported. We note that Grace’s father was one of the two “guards” at the Interfaith Round Table meeting of September 15, 2009 who attempted to prevent this writer from attending the meeting. Readers may remember that I was escorted from that meeting by officers of the Ann Arbor Police Department. We guess that gatekeeping is a family value highly stressed in the Kotre family.

Phil Weiss – Another Jewish Gatekeeper

Reacting to the cyber-flap over Greta Berlin, Mondoweiss, a popular blog run by AZZs* Phil Weiss and Adam Horowitz, has changed its comment policy apparently to protect Jews from communal and individual criticism. The change in their policy is summarized succinctly in their own words:”We believe in free speech … We just don’t want it here”

We in Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends have known about Weiss’ gatekeeping prowess for over three years when we first asked him to report on our vigils. Our request was repeated two years ago, and Weiss once again replied seeking further information on our vigils:

Hi Henry,
Let me think it over. I’m completely in line with your politics here, but I don’t fully get the focus on the synagogue… I mean, I blame American Jews for what’s happening over there, but…
Help me,

So we tried to educate Phil on our vigils with about 500 words and an offer to continue. He respectfully replied

thanks henry, i share focus on jewish community. let me get back to you… phil

… and that was the last thing we ever heard. Our offer to supply input from a Palestinian Muslim who stands with us was unanswered.

Quote of the Week

A protected source addresses Ms. Kotre and Mr. Weiss from this month’s “Power Report” by Ingrid Zundel: “People who lie on the behalf of powerful vested interests are richly rewarded. People who offend powerful vested interests by exposing their hoaxes are severely punished”

* – Anti-Zionist Zionist, Jewish activist who prioritizes Jewish tribal loyalties over all else, ref: Wandering Who by Gilad Atzmon [italics]


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