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Report on Beth Israel vigil 01-26-13

Posted on February 3rd, 2013 at 9:46 am by

Taxi Squad Challenges AIPAC

Ten hardy souls of JWPF’s Taxi Squad traveled to Southfield, Michigan to deliver a message to AIPAC supporters last Monday, as they pulled their Cadillacs into Shaarey Zedek synagogue: You may be able to flaunt your wealth and power as you manipulate U.S. foreign policy, and as you attempt to destroy the Palestinian people, but you are not doing it in private. We are watching you, and represent many Americans who are sick and tired of funding your racist wars and ideology, your manipulations and domination of our media, legal system, culture, and of course politicians.

And we think YOU know we’re winning; that the tables are turning and that you’re losing the PR battle. Witness Germany’s abstention in the UN voting on Palestinian recognition: one small vote which contained a huge symbolic meaning: Germany is also sick and tired of being bullied by Jewish groups who have pounded the country financially and morally for 67 years, and Germans have started to stand up to this ferocious onslaught.

And witness the refusal of Jacques Rogge and the International Olympic Committee to be pushed around: there will be no 1-minute memorial (read: emotional manipulation) for the eleven Israeli athletes – most of them immigrants to Palestine and active or reserve IDF soldiers – killed in the 1972 Munich Olympics. Small steps indeed, but AIPAC members must know their days in the driver’s seat are numbered, and many did last Monday.

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