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Report on Beth Israel vigil 03-16-13

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oa – The Wolf’s Clothing

As JWPF prepares to protest a “celebration” of genocidal violence – aka the creation and continuation of the State of Israel – we notice how this wolf calls upon its Hasbara Queen to run cover. Mary Rizzo writes, ” Noa is called to the front lines each time there is a nasty bit of reality that involves her country, and this time [2009 Hanukkah Massacre …hh], she’s been a busy little bee and getting busier.”


Mary reminds us that “[Israel’s] performers, writers and ‘intellectuals’ know they are showcasing the political agenda of their country” and explains that “yes, reality and hasbara (Hebrew for propaganda) are worlds apart”. It is not surprising that the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor is showcasing this performer and hiding her Islamophobia and hate behind music and physical beauty.


So who is this Wizard of Oz, cautioning us to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain? The bio provided us by the Federation leaflet tells us that, although “her family is originally from Yemen”, they also inform us that “Noa lived in NYC from age 2 until her return to Israel alone at the age of 17.”

This dual identity allows Noa to write a letter to her Gazan Arab cousins, pleading with them to understand that the cruelty her Jewish state is dealing them is really for their own good, and that they need to separate themselves from the democratically elected Hamas government. She plays this divide-and-conquer ruse, and her identity as an Arab Jew putatively facilitates this gambit.

Then quickly she dons her Ashkenazi creds, and tightly associates herself with Zionist hasbara and focuses her language on the holocaust trump card. First, she describes Hamas and Hezbollah as “cruel, Nazi-like organizations”, and continues the myth that Nazi crimes against Jews were the supposed be-all and end-all of human evil. And after opening the Nazi door, she walks through with more platitudes:

“We Jews, traumatized by the Holocaust, who know what resisting evil is, have no choice but to fight for the tiny piece of land we call home. We are surrounded by millions of people who openly say that they want to kill us… Why, I ask, why this river of tears and blood???why this HATE?? Weren’t six million jews enough?”

Ignoring the findings of revisionist historians – and some mainstream scholars as Reitlinger and Hilberg – who question the six million figure as too high, she is willing to ply one highly questionable claim onto another, but never willing to hold the mirror of self-reflection to her face and ask difficult questions like “why did some Germans hate Jews?” Wouldn’t it be helpful to have Jewish leaders step back to analyze and deconstruct recent history? Yes, it would, but Noa appears only willing to jump on popular – but tragically misleading – bandwagons.

Noa’s tactics are becoming more visible to those paying attention. Rizzo quotes an Italian ambulance driver who reminds us of this favorite tool of Israeli apologists: “the more horrible things Israelis do, the more Holocaust Memorial Days they give us.”

And Mary Rizzo isn’t alone in her exposure of Noa. =Richard Silverstein= weighs in to realize, “… that Noa has done a “Benny Morris” on us. Like that New Historian and former progressive who turned against his former liberal beliefs to become as anti-Arab as the most noxious of Israeli politicians, Noa has taken leave of her intellect and her senses.”

So please join us on April 17 at the Michigan Theater in downtown Ann Arbor near the University of Michigan campus. We will be there from 6 PM to 7:30 PM with signs and bullhorns. Boycott “Israel”.

Who is Watching Tears of Gaza?

Three members of JWPF attending a screening of the documentary Tears of Gaza this week, and wished that Barack Obama would watch this heart-wrenching expose of the violence and bloodshed the Jewish state committed against the people of Gaza during the Hanukkah Massacre of 2009, and then say with a straight face that “Israel” has a right to defend itself.

This film held nothing back, and showed scenes of pulling dead and mangled bodies from the wreckage of buildings in residential neighborhoods, deceased infants with bullet holes in their stomachs, and the fires caused by white phosphorus bombs. This writer could watch “Psycho” this week on DVD without averting his eyes, but could not do so watching this documentary. Mr. Obama: how can you possibly compliment this vicious, gangster state as you have done this week? Knowing what you do, how can you say those things and look at yourself in the mirror? I would much rather be Henry Herskovitz than to live in the shell of a human being that is Barack Obama.


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