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Report on Beth Israel vigil 01-18-14

Posted on January 26th, 2014 at 12:18 pm by

Embrace the Ides of March

From JWPF’s “Better Late than Never” department, it is with great joy that we announce a party celebrating our ten years standing for a just peace in Palestine. The date of this soiree will be March 15, 2014 at a private location in neighboring Ypsilanti, Michigan. This invitation is open to all those folks who have EVER held a sign, and stood with us even once during this past decade, personal differences notwithstanding. You stood, you’re invited. It’s that simple. No formal dinner, some snacks provided. Bring your own finger food and/or liquid libation. An evening to relax, rehash, and imagine. Please plan on attending, more details as they pan out.

Who Wants to be an Editor?

Your opinion is desired. Feel free to reply personally or leave a comment below. Remembering last week’s report and the image of my “End ‘Israel'” hat, we felt it helpful to the cause to have a ready and simple printed handout for folks who express curiosity at the phrase “End ‘Israel'”. So far, this is the best we got. Can it be improved? Written more succinctly? A different tack, perhaps? Let us know.

Why We Say, “End ‘Israel'”

In 1948 the world witnessed the formation of two states based on a system of racial discrimination we call Apartheid. One of these states was South Africa and featured what we called White Supremacism, and the other is Israel, featuring Jewish supremacism. In the 1980’s world opinion focused on South Africa, and justice prevailed: the system of Apartheid was dismantled. As the world focuses on the injustices and atrocities committed by Israel to maintain Jewish rule, that Apartheid system, too, will be dismantled. The difference being that when the entire population achieves equal rights, the people will choose to adopt the land’s original “Palestine” and reject “Israel” as the name imposed upon them by 20th century Zionists.


Six vigilers
End “Israel”
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

5 Responses to “Report on Beth Israel vigil 01-18-14”

  1. Francis Clark-Lowes

    I think that last sentence could do with tweaking. ‘When the entire population achieves equal rights we predict ….’ Otherwise it seems like you’re telling the Palestinians what to do. Personally I’m not entirely comfortable with the South Africa analogy, mainly because I think anti-apartheid campaigners are too convinced that they achieved the change. The collapse of the Soviet Union was, in my opinion, the seismic shift which enabled change.

  2. paschn

    Actually I believe Racist/terrorists. Zionism can include non-Jew perpetrators whereas the Goy bought with Western “grants” and Central Bank dollars are nothing more than sycophants. they kneel down and service the highest “bidder”. As with their own “Christian” nations/people, they have no loyalty/patriotism/sense of justice… unless of course their “masters” have paid for those “options as well?

  3. Michael Rabb

    ( I am no editor) but here’s my idea about “end Israel” (I usually say, “end the Jewish state”) :   the imperative requires the abolition of Jewish supremacism and apartheid in the land that is called Palestine, which includes the land claimed and occupied by Israel.  End the Jewish state means that all people living in this land have equal rights, one-person/one-vote, and full equality under the law.  It does not mean Jews have to leave the land or suffer some kind of pogrom or genocide like they have perpetrated on the Palestinians.  But they do have to yield their racist, fascist, Jewish supremacist control over the country to a fully democratic form of government and society.  Ending the Jewish state necessarily would mean ending the occupation/annexation of all Arab lands, the return of refugees, and compensation of the Palestinians whose property has been (is being) stolen and whose lives have been destroyed.  My idea doesn’t address what the country is called when the Jewish state is ended.  It would be called whatever a majority of the citizens decided it would be called, by majority vote.

  4. Fixing Mrs. Ford's Fur

    My proposed version:

    In 1948, the world witnessed the formation of two systems of racial discrimination, which later became known as apartheid. The apartheid system in South Africa was based upon White supremacism while the other apartheid system, in Israel, is based upon Jewish supremacism. In the 1980′s world opinion focused on South Africa, and, after decades of struggle, justice prevailed and the formal system of apartheid was eventually dismantled. As the world focuses on the injustices and atrocities committed by Israel to maintain Jewish rule, that apartheid system, too, will be dismantled. One difference being that when the entire population achieves equal rights, the people of the country will probably choose to adopt the name “Palestine” and reject “Israel” as a name indelibly associated with Jewish supremacism.

    Comments: 1. South Africa existed before the implementation of apartheid so it is factually incorrect to say the two states were formed in 1948. In South Africa the National Party came to party in 1948 and implemented apartheid. 2. The point about not telling Palestinians what to do is well taken. 3. The point about the collapse of the USSR is not. Israel survived the end of the Cold War just fine. More pertinent is the fact that South Africa never enjoyed the virtually unbridled support of the West that Israel still enjoys–that is the primary difference. Hell, the USSR was the first state to extend formal recognition of Israel. If anything the collapse of the Soviet Union should have strengthened the South African apartheid regime’s hand, not weakened it. In any case, Botha started negotiating with the ANC and slowly, incrementally rolling backing apartheid years before the USSR folded. F C-L is offbase in not giving anti-apartheid campaigners in SA and abroad their due.

  5. William

    Rejection of rogue nation name “Israel” is symbolic on several fronts.
    As Jacob, aka Israel, arrogated to wrestle with GOD so does Israel, as puny incarnation of Zionism, wrestle now with God’s Covenant!
    The name change back to Palestine would signal that GOD comes before any Zionist!
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