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April 1-14: Global Commemoration of the Deir Yassin Massacre

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Pictured below is Ehab Hassan Shalabi, the nephew of Omar Shalabi, Fatah Secretary-General (Jerusalem) and Deir Yassin Remembered board member. The elder Shalabi will be visiting the UK for Deir Yassin Day 2014, accompanied by Madam Shalabi.

Secretary-General and Madam Shalabi will be joined by Madam Rasmieh Nimr Mustafa (Family Eid) a Deir Yassin survivor and by Thair Anis, Deir Yassin Remembered Director (Ramallah)

We’re delighted to say that this brave young man. Ehab, has just been released from an Israeli prison and we share in the joy of his family, friends, and fellow strugglers. However, our joy is tempered by our concern for Omar’s son Iyad who remains behind bars.

Ehab Hassan Shalabi

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