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Report on Beth Israel vigil 05-10-14

Posted on May 15th, 2014 at 11:30 am by

The “Parushim”, Jewish Goodfellas

OK, raise your hands if you knew this one: Most people know that Louis Brandeis was a famous, Jewish Supreme Court Justice. But few know of his fervent support of Zionism and that he was a leader in a clandestine organization called the Parushim (Hebrew for “Pharisees” and “separate”). According to Alison Weir, author of Against Our Better Judgment; the secret history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel, the Parushim was “a secret society that covertly pushed Zionism both in the U.S. and internationally.”

After Brandeis was named to the Supreme Court by his friend President Woodrow Wilson, he formally resigned from his private clubs and affiliations, but he worked “behind the scenes” and through his protégé Felix Frankfurter, to serve as a conduit between British Zionists and the president. Brandeis was one of the leaders of the Parushim, which, according to former New York Times Editor Peter Grose (Israel in the Mind of America) had as part of its initiation ceremony the following demands of its new members:

“You are about to take a step which will bind you to a single cause for all your life. You will for one year be subject to an absolute duty whose call you will be impelled to heed at any time, in any place, and at any cost. And ever after, until our purpose shall be accomplished, you will be fellow of a brotherhood whose bond you will regard as greater than any other in your life–dearer than that of family, of school, of nation.”

Close your eyes and remember Christopher Moltisanti taking the pledge when he joined TV gangster Tony Soprano’s crew. Now try to separate fiction from reality. It is really mind boggling, the information Alison has culled out with this amazing work of investigative reporting. About 80% of my neighbors disapprove of my anti-Israel flag which still flies in front of my house, but I have a feeling that if they all read this timely book, they might all be flying such flags.

Who wants to be a Peace Activist?

According to this article in the Washtenaw Jewish News, local Jews are scheduling an entire month’s worth of activities celebrating “Israel”. The highlight of this month’s scheduling will be a $10 picnic at the Jewish Community Center on Sunday, May 18th at noon. As JWPF has other items on the schedule, we will be unavailable to remind revelers that their celebration is a wake-up call to Palestinians that the theft of their homeland is just about complete.

So to other local peace groups – especially those who feel JWPF’s tactics too incendiary – you can step up to the plate and address the Jewish community utilizing your own methods. If you need any help gathering information, or would like to borrow some of our signs, please just let us know.


Nine vigilers
Reunite Ernst and Ingrid
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

4 Responses to “Report on Beth Israel vigil 05-10-14”

  1. Ibrahim Soudy

    Alison Weir, in my view, is one of very very few Americans who approaches the crimes of the Apartheid Jewish State from the correct angle. That is, she does NOT talk about the injustice to the Palestinians but she talk about the HARM THE ZIONISTS ARE CAUSING TO AMERICA…

    In my opinion, this is the way to make a real difference because most Americans will listen and respond FAR MORE when THEY are affected as opposed to when some far away OTHER PEOPLE are!! This is just a simple reality. The huge amount of influence ZIONIST JEWS have in America is costing AMERICANS so much and I do not mean only the $3Billions. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were pushed through by the ZIONIST JEWISH NEOCONS in the Dubbia administration and the cost of those wars are over $6Trillions and counting. One in every three American Troops who served in either war is now suicidal and more of them are killing themselves than dying in combat….The over 40,000 injured in the wars are now a continuous drain on the society financially and otherwise. Military families are broken on massive scale….And above all, the American society has been demoralized by the humiliation in both wars after the quick fiasco of “Mission Accomplished”….. The blind submission to the Israel-First crowd will bring the US to its demise and the signs are there for those who are willing to see. My hat is of to Alison Weir.

  2. Ben

    “Reunite Ernst and Ingrid”.
    I actually support this concept, as long as it is achieved by having each of them load up their personal handguns, swallow the front end of the barrel and pull the trigger as many times as needed. I’m not sure the reunion site would be the most pleasant location–brimstone, vestal virgins, all that shit–but for your soul buddies, it would be a wonderful journey that would bring joy to a great many people.
    BTW, if you would please delete this comment after reading it, that would make my day. I don’t want anyone to think this site is supportive of non-fawning speech.

  3. admin

    I don’t usually approve comments such as Ben’s above but every now and then it’s useful to let supporters of the Jewish state remind us, in their own words, of the vile and depraved attitudes that often accompany support for Israel. Ben does not say that the Zündels have ever orchestrated or perpetrated violence against anyone but he disagrees with their express beliefs and that’s enough for him to wish for their violent deaths. Typical.

  4. Henry Herskovitz


    I wish you could have been with us when we visited Ernst in Mannheim prison in December, 2006. It was there I told him – through my interpreter – that my sister was deeply troubled by my visit to a person reputed (unfairly, imho) to be an anti-Semite. Rather than ridicule my sister (something I might have said in his position), he gently said that Jews have a difficult time getting their hands around these (Holocaust revisionist) concepts. At the end of our time together, he did not merely shake my hand goodbye, he held it in his. It was a rewarding and eye-opening experience, and one I wish will come sometime to you.
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