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Report on Beth Israel vigil 06-20-15

Posted on June 24th, 2015 at 11:47 am by

Hanging Germans Out to Dry

Much has been made of the recent debate between Yousef Munayyer and Peter Beinart, where, according to Gilad Atzmon, Munayyer exposed Beinart’s Jewish tribalism. Actually, Beinart did it to himself, telling his audience

“Is my view shaped by the fact that as a Jew I’m attached to the idea that in a post-Holocaust world, there should be one state on earth devoted to Jewish self protection and Jewish self-expression? Yes. I plead guilty”

A few of us noted that Yousef – while he did an excellent job rebutting and exposing Beinart’s “need” for a Jewish supremacist state – allowed his opponent to get away with the big one. The Holocaust – seen through Beinart’s “Jewish prism” – has been used as the 800-pound Jewish Gorilla who says “Don’t go there” to intelligent, thoughtful and well spoken people like Yousef Munayyer. Don’t challenge Jewish claims on unique suffering, even though Germans never made bars of soap out of Jewish prisoners, nor lampshades out of their skins, nor who-knows-what-else. Don’t challenge these Jewish claims, because if you do – and are successful at doing it – Jews will be unable to convince the world to look away while they continue to bludgeon Palestinians like yourself into oblivion.

It’s very clear to those paying attention that Jewish Power has targeted the people of Palestine. There are other targets selected by this powerful minority that get lost – intentionally or otherwise – in the focus on Palestinian “solidarity”. Haven’t the German people – seventy years after the real or alleged crimes of WWII – suffered sufficiently? The media, especially Hollywood, exults in flogging Germans.

Mr. Munayyer elected not to “go there” in his debate with Beinart, more willing to remain silent while his co-victim of Jewish Power – the German people – get tossed under the wheels of the Jewish Power bus. He did not question his powerful opponent on Beinart’s claim to unique suffering during WWII. In fact, Munayyer even plays along with this gag, quoting Menachim Begin who likened the policies of Israel “to the laws of the Nazis”. Could anything be worse?

Now Hold On a Minute

This report is NOT a criticism of Yousef Munayyer; he made a clear case for the Palestinian Right of Return, and made a mockery of Beinart’s racist request for a “two-state solution”. It is unrealistic to expect that Yousef would challenge the 800 pound Jewish Gorilla in such a setting. After all, his opponent was a columnist for an Israeli newspaper and the supposedly evenhanded moderator was Sigal Samuel, the Jewish Daily Forward’s deputy digital media editor. And we note – like Yousef might have – the fates suffered by Will Smith, Arun Ghandi, Charles Freeman and others who have crossed the Gorilla.

The purpose of this report is a heads-up to ALL of us when a Jewish opponent tries to hammer us with the Holocaust Cudgel. The late Shulamit Aloni knew “the trick”. To deflect criticism of Jewish Power and its crimes, merely unleash the Holocaust Gorilla at your opponent. We should challenge, rather than accept, this trick.

Perhaps the next time we find ourselves in a debate with a Jewish intellectual and the Holocaust card is played, we can invite him/her to sign onto Paul Eisen’s “Jews for Justice for Germans” statement, which demands in part:

We call on all Jews to demand that the interactions between Germans and Jews 1933-1945 be open to discussion in the same way as any other events in history

In this connection we call on all Governments to repeal, with immediate effect, all Holocaust denial laws and immediately publicly apologize to and compensate all who have suffered under those laws.

If the Holocaust card is allowed to be played unchallenged in the Palestine debate, Jews win the day in the field of public opinion. John Doe will find it difficult to side with the Palestinians because he will have more sympathy for the oppressors of Palestinians than the Palestinians themselves. Challenging the orthodoxy of the standard Holocaust narrative could be an effective way of leveling the playing field. Beinart and other Jews need to be warned that the next time they introduce the Gorilla, that action may open a can a worms they’d rather have remained sealed.


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One Response to “Report on Beth Israel vigil 06-20-15”

  1. Ibrahim Soudy

    Great Job, Henry. I would actually take it much farther. We do NOT have to wait for someone to raise the subject of the Nazi Holocaust against Jews AND OTHERS to respond back. We should lead the way in demanding that it be, like any other subject, OPEN for discussion and examination. If Egyptians are still digging and updating their thousands of years history, then why on God’s Earth cannot we dig into and examine any subject?!

    Zionist Jews have been winning so far because THEY CONTROL THE NARRATIVE. Our job is to change that……………..
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