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Report on Beth Israel vigil 07-11-15

Posted on July 12th, 2015 at 11:33 am by

Je suis Alison

We wonder about the powers behind the organization when three officers of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation sign a document calling our friend Alison Weir onto the carpet to answer to charges from an un-named source. The three officers signing onto the document described are:

Felicia Eaves, Co-Chair, Steering Committee
Yousef Munayyer, Executive Director
Sandra Tamari, Member, Steering Committee

One cannot review the credentials and descriptions of these well-meaning folks – two Palestinians, one African American – without hearing the voice of Malcolm X, who warned us of this calumny:

But, anyway, I know that every time that whites join a black organization, you watch, pretty soon the blacks will be leaning on the whites to support it, and before you know it a black may be up front with a title, but the whites, because of their money, are the real controllers.*

We ask: Who is calling the shots on this letter of inquisition? One needn’t wear special sunglasses to observe telling evidence which can be found by examining the eight questions put to Alison, to which she must respond by August 3. Of these eight questions, fully five of them raise “anti-Semitism” as an issue, and a sixth talks about Jewish “blood libel”. Are the three signatories to this document REALLY that concerned about Jewish sensibilities in what’s supposed to be a Palestinian LIBERATION movement?

Or, is the hidden hand of the Jewish leaders behind the scenes writing the script that these three affix their signatures? Readers are left to draw their own conclusions.

Alison, I speak for every member of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends, when I write: “We are with you. Nous sommes, Alison.”

No, You Can’t

I noticed a small gathered group at our vigil on June 13, 2015, and proceeded over to see what the flap was about. I recorded this event, which you can view here and listen to the woman speaking to our group. After she finishes airing her views, I ask: “Could I say something?” and her reply “No you can’t” is a classic example of Jewish arrogance. See what you think.

JWPF Attends Al-Quds Day in Dearborn

Three members of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends attended a political/religious event in Dearborn, Michigan this week. Al-Quds day mixes Islamic prayer with politics, inviting “people of conscience [to] express solidarity with the oppressed of the world, particularly the innocent of Palestine. We invite all the peace-loving people to voice their opposition against the unjust occupation and the usurpation of Palestine by the oppressive Zionist regime.”

Al-Quds Dearborn.jpg

One impression from this event: were it not for Professor David Skrbina who spoke at this event, the J-word, apparently forbidden in this most Arab-populated city in the US, would not have been uttered. Good job, David, to remind his audience that “Israel” is the Jewish state, and that the “Jewish Lobby” wields great power in our nation’s capitol.

Once again we return to Paul Eisen to observe that the crimes “against the Palestinian people [are] being committed by a Jewish state with Jewish soldiers using weapons displaying Jewish religious symbols, and with the full support and complicity of the overwhelming mass of organized Jews worldwide.”


July 11: 8 vigilers
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends
* The Autobiography of Malcolm X, p. 384

2 Responses to “Report on Beth Israel vigil 07-11-15”

  1. Clif Brown

    Alison Weir, who I am happy to say I have met, is about as sincere as a person can be. When I found out about the crusade against her, all I could think was, WTF!

  2. Ibrahim Soudy

    Many Thanks, Henry, for all what you guys do. Nobody in America earned more respect from me than Alison Weir whom I am proud to have met more than once. The best way to combat the usual smear of antisemitism is to do two things:

    Keep calling Israel and its supporters “Antisemitic” because the Palestinians are Semites too. At least calling Israel and its supporters antisemitic will be TRUE in every sense of the word.
    Keep educating people about the origin of the stupid expression and why it does not really mean anything.

    Keep up the resistance everyone.
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