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Report on Beth Israel vigil 08-29-15

Posted on September 1st, 2015 at 9:31 am by

Quality, Not Quantity

Sometimes it takes a d’oh! moment to hear the voice of reason. Last week’s report, you may remember, called for readers to express their opinion whether a certain cartoon sign should be posted at the vigils. The vote was 11-8 FOR displaying the cartoon.

But Vigil Supporter J posited a game-changer. He wrote: “Henry, I think that drawing will discredit your group. Use the copy…change the drawing.”

Here was an extremely positive compliment to Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends, wrapped in an innocent piece of free advice. J, like those of us who stand vigil week after week, recognizes that we are a pretty proud group. Some dress in our Sunday (or Saturday) best, not out of respect for the Jewish supremacist congregants of Beth Israel (although initially we did), but out of self-respect. Was hoisting the cartoon somehow diminishing our messages and self-esteem?

Vigil Supporter M also raised awareness: When shown the shoddy treatment of JWPF afforded by Ann Arbor’s Jewish newspaper, M reacted by saying both sides are just slinging mud. “They are, but we’re not” I attempted a correction. “You will be, if you hold that cartoon” was the succinct response.

So here’s what the sign/cartoon looked like this Saturday. Who says we’re not a reasonable bunch?

Vigil Sign Aug 2015-sm

Rally for Ed Pinkney

Three members of JWPF traveled to the Michigan State Office Building in Grand Rapids to join supporters in a two-hour protest to request that the three judges reconsider a bond request that would release Reverend Pinkney, currently held in the Lakeland Prison in Coldwater, Michigan. The rally drew about twenty supporters from Detroit, Ann Arbor and Lansing. This writer hopes to visit Ed some time soon after Labor Day.

Guest Celebrity Vigiler

Aimee Smith, now hailing from California, rejoined her friends and associates at our vigil, boosting attendance to eleven. Aimee was the Voice of the Vigils while she lived in Ann Arbor, always willing to verbally go toe-to-toe with the most virulent Zionist, and this week was able to engage and totally embarrass Professor Victor Lieberman. When the good professor realized he’d met his match, he quickly resorted to the Zionist’s weapon of choice: name calling. JWPF’s film editing department is currently producing a viewable video from the original provided by this writer. Stay tuned …


Eleven vigilers
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends
Zionists Out of the Peace Movement

2 Responses to “Report on Beth Israel vigil 08-29-15”

  1. Ibrahim Soudy

    Great Job and thanks for modifying the cartoon. That way, the cartoon really reflects the character of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends. I am so proud to have come to know you. My hat is off.

  2. Henry

    Thank you Ibrahim. Our group has chosen a small but important action that (I think) we do well. Jewish Power, especially within the peace community, seems to have prevented other groups and individuals from creating similar events in other towns. Jewish “activist” act as a fifth column for Zionist interests – my opinion.
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