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Report on Beth Israel vigil 12-12-15

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In the face of Jewish Power, Lamar caves

Last month we reported on the one-sided news coverage provided by television station WXYZ about the billboard, “America First, NOT Israel” erected by Lamar Advertising Company and paid for by Deir Yassin Remembered. Readers will remember that Heidi Budaj of the Anti-Defamation League was allowed to make bogus charges of anti-semitism without fear of televised rebuttal.

Then, in our report of November 21 we saw some telltale signs of the effects of Jewish Power when Lamar nixed the idea of running the same billboard in New Jersey. Did Lamar receive “The memo”? One way to tell was to attempt a second run – another four-week rental – of the billboard back in Detroit. Here’s the response from the honchos at Lamar:

This is in response to your request to run the “America First, Not Israel” message in our Detroit office that was paid for by Dier [sic] Yassin Remembered. We are rejecting both the message and the group sponsoring the message as the copy and the sponsor do not fall within our copy acceptance policy. The copy, “America First, Not Israel” is factually inaccurate and misleading. While it is within our policy that Lamar Advertising will not accept or reject advertising copy based upon agreement or disagreement with the views presented, it was easy to conclude that after closer examination of Dier Yassin Remembered, it is a deeply Anti-Semitic group that even questions the very existence of the Jewish Holocaust during World War 2. In addition to being Anti Semitic, we believe that it is factually inaccurate and not within reasonable standards of fairness and decency to accept this message from this group or any similar group whose directors or members share this view. Lamar will reject this message and group in other Lamar offices, not just Detroit. It is always Lamar’s desire to work with all advertisers to develop acceptable or even alternative messages that represents legitimate political discourse, provided that the message and group paying for the space fall within our copy acceptance policy once it is submitted for approval. This decision involved the local General Manager, the Regional Manager and the Vice President of Governmental Relations in our corporate office and this rendered decision is final.

Who calls the shots on advertising about the Jewish state at Lamar? “We do” yells the Jewish establishment. “And don’t you forget it.”

In the face of Jewish Power, JWPF remains resolute

Compare Lamar’s capitulation to that of our group, Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends last week. Professor Victor Lieberman of the University of Michigan and Beth Israel congregant, makes a habit of verbally assaulting members of our peaceful protest and this writer attempts to video Victor’s sidewalk lectures in order to record any misdeeds he may try. As he approached our group, I walked across the street to get a little closer, camera running.

Victor threatens to call the cops, claiming I was “stalking” him, and in fact does so. The response to an upset Jew calling the AAPD was typical: send out THREE patrol cars to investigate the matter. When Officer Rebecca Singer asks what’s happening here, I play back the tape for her. She asks for a copy of the tape for her records and I provide her with a cd of it the next day. No arrests or even admonitions towards JWPF were even considered by Officer Singer. Lieberman walks to Beth Israel, and we are left to finish our protest as usual. We think the AAPD might be getting a little tired of Beth Israel congregants crying wolf as they have over the years and look forward to sharing Singer’s report with our followers. It’s also worth remembering that only Beth Israel attendees have ever actually been engaged in criminal behavior. View Lieberman video here.

Good Quote

Vigiler C gets turned down from a comment he tried to make to some on-line publication. Vigiler R responds sympathetically:

Given the relentless, long term, and highly successful propaganda mantle that shrouds reality, while introducing exclusionary self-serving semantic content to linguistic hooks such as hate-speech and anti-Semite as it unfolds, I am not surprised that you got censored.


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Henry Herskovitz
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