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Report on Beth Israel vigil 12-24-16

Posted on December 29th, 2016 at 8:12 pm by

Can’t Get No Respect

The Amcha Initiative is an on-line complaint desk for incidents of alleged anti-Semitism on America’s campuses. You can visit their website and search by state and college for these nefarious incidents. Curiously, Witness for Peace’s 13-year-old “harassment” of a Jewish house of warship hasn’t made the list. True, we operate slightly off the University of Michigan’s campus, but as the letter below indicates, we’re only a traffic light away.

Amcha Initiative is currently in the possession of this reported concern from a local citizen, so we know they know about us:

My home of Ann Arbor, Michigan has been subjected to a 13-year-old protest in front of Beth Israel Congregation every Shabbat. This location is merely a traffic light away from the University of Michigan campus’ famed “Rock”, where students frequently paint slogans or images, such as the recent, proudly painted Israeli flag. Students traveling along the busy Washtenaw Avenue are subject to what a friend has labeled “objectively anti-Semitic”.

Amcha Initiative now joins the Anti-Defamation League in NOT reporting our anti-Israel vigils. Readers may remember our report of January 10, 2015 where we requested to be placed on Abe Foxman’s “Top Ten Anti-Israel Groups” and were similarly denied.

Why the Chill? Let’s Conjure up some Reasons

Perhaps the main reason for being non-reported is our size: yes, we’re tiny, but are there other reasons that mainstream Zionist organizations ignore our presence? Are the issues we raise: (1) Israel’s legitimacy, (2) corrosive effects of Jewish Power* on US interests, (3) endless wars on behalf of the Jewish state, etc. too sensitive for our opponents to take head-on?

We know the local Jewish Power wielders close their ears to the sound of supporters’ car horns driving past Beth Israel Congregation every Saturday. In spite of their efforts to reduce our visibility by cowing local publications to refuse our paid advertisements, our messages still reach 1000 vehicles during each vigil, and of those who respond to us, over 75% are positive. Do regional and national Jewish Power leaders also close their ears? Is Witness for Peace too hot to handle?


*- Jewish Power: The power to silence criticism of Jewish Power. Click here for details.

Henry Herskovitz
Witness for Peace
7 vigilers
America First Not Israel

2 Responses to “Report on Beth Israel vigil 12-24-16”

  1. Ibrahim Soudy

    YES, You and Gilad Atzmon are way too hot to handle. I know that from experience. When I hosted Henry at my Salon, I was advised by Jewish Individuals NOT to do that. When I asked them to show up and debate you, they became cowards and did not show up. When I hosted Henry, Gilad, and Greg Felton, again I was advised by Jewish Individuals NOT to do that. Again, they chose to be cowards when I asked them to show up and debate……..

  2. Mark Richey

    The more sophisticated zionist apologists rely on their media control, rather than attacking or arguing with people, since they will generally lose in a confrontation.

    But they do have sufficient media dominance to simply freeze out most of their adversaries and keep them out of the public eye.

    These zionists are playing it smart by simply refusing to mention you. It’s up to us to organize and get large enough so this will no longer work for them!
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