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Report on Beth Israel vigil 01-20-18

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WfP Pitches a Shutout Four Weeks in a Row

As southeastern Michigan temperatures plunged into the low single-digits, Witness for Peace members have bundled up – as we have done for the past fifteen winters – only to observe the opposition throwing in the towel on these bitterly cold mornings. They have been no-shows for the last four weeks in front of Beth Israel Congregation.

True Christian Charity

We observed the true spirit of Christmas on Dec 23rd. Anne Cherney, our first counter protestor, brought a tin of Christmas cookies for each vigiler and made a special effort to include sugar-free cookies for Vigiler R, who battles adult-onset diabetes. Unlike her Jewish counter-protesting partners (as we detailed in our vigil report of October 7), she embraces her “enemies”, and treats them with kindness. Anne is currently battling health issues of her own and we wish her a full recovery.

Has Palestine Fallen Through the Cracks?

The Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice continues to ignore Palestinians. This purported peace group posts events and accomplishments from time to time, and the last email we received from them contains 18 items (list follows signature), but none of them deal with Palestine … or Israel … or the legitimacy of a Jewish state … or Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions … or Jewish Power. In fact, it appears the entire raison d’etre of ICPJ remains to protect Jewish Power. We former members of the then-very-active Middle East Task Force were summarily dismissed following our unanimous decision in 2006 to support BDS. To refresh our memories of the battle between ICPJ and its own METF, see Setting the Record Straight.

No Surprise

Had we done our homework on ICPJ, we might never have been duped into thinking it was a peace and justice organization when it comes to Palestine. Our top researcher combed the files at the Bentley Historical Museum and came up with the smoking gun: A letter from the “Interfaith Council for Peace”, circa 1975, which condemned UN Resolution 3379, the one that determined Zionism to be a form of racism. The letter is viewable here, and contains in part:

We must respond to the United Nation General Assembly action of passing a resolution designating “Zionism as a form of racism.” We find this resolution to be offensive, and in our view, it will contribute significantly to the maintenance of tension and the threat of war in the Middle East

Witness for Peace at City Council

This writer spoke on the topic “Holocaust Education” to the Ann Arbor City Council at their meeting on Tuesday, January 16. Concerned that the public remain unaware of the plight of two revisionists: Alison Chabloz and Monika Schaefer, Council was duly informed. Some new friends have uploaded the video to YouTube. Click here to view.


This report is dedicated to the memory of our wonderful friend and vigiler, Marcia Federbush, whose life will be celebrated on Sunday, January 28, 2:00 pm (service @ 3:00) at Nie Funeral Home, 2400 Carpenter Road, Ann Arbor. All are welcome.


Witness for Peace
America First Not Israel
Henry Herskovitz
Dec. 30 6 vigilers
Jan. 6 5 vigilers
Jan. 13 4 vigilers
Jan. 20 5 vigilers

Talk to Ann Arbor City Council January 16, 2018

Good evening,

I bring to Council’s attention the names of two women, whose stories do not appear in the Ann Arbor News, the New York Times or the Washington Post. They are Alison Chabloz and Monika Schaefer. Alison hails from Great Britain, and Monika is a Canadian citizen. They are united in the fact that both are musicians and both sing satirical verses challenging the truthfulness of Holocaust narratives. Their followings are small, but vociferous and engaged.

Monika Schaefer lives in Jasper, Alberta, and was attending the trial of lawyer Sylvia Stolz in Germany. Stolz is on trial for what the German government falsely labels “Holocaust denial”. During a recess, Monika was apprehended by German authorities and has been held in administrative detention since January 10. The Jewish advocacy group, B’Nai Brith Canada, had filed complaints against Monika with the German government, and appears to be taking credit for her detention there.

Alison Chabloz lives in Derbyshire County, England, and according to the UK Daily mail is accused of calling the gas chambers a ‘hoax’ and has been taken to court “…in what is believed to be the first private prosecution in the UK for anti-Jewish racism.” The private party refers to the Committee Against Anti-Semitism.

Ms. Chabloz hopes to turn the tables: She writes, ” Following previous treatment of me by Derbyshire Constabulary, including six arrests, unwarranted detention and seizure of my property [they are] seemingly … reluctant to carry out any proper investigation into harassment of which I am the victim”.

In regards to knowledge about the Holocaust, Americas appear to lag well behind other western nations. We are not informed about Alison or Monika, nor were we told much during Ernst Zundel’s two trials in Toronto during the 1980’s. We can only speculate as to the reasons for this apparent blackout, but with Council’s permission, I’d like to paraphrase Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller :

First, they came for America’s white nationalists, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a white nationalist.

Then they came for the anti-Israel activists, and I did not speak out – Because I supported Jewish Supremacism in Palestine.

Then they came for they came for the Revisionists, and I did not speak out – Because I was ignorant of Revisionism.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Thank you

Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice list of activities.
For an expanded list of these summarized events, click here.

— ICPJ Update – January 12, 2018

  1. Chelsea Housing Diversity Forum – 1/13
  2. REJ Film Series: Great White Hoax – 1/14
  3. ICPJ Coffee Chats – 1/12 (Every Friday!)
  4. Women’s March Bus to Lansing – 1/21
  5. REJ Book Group: Tears We Cannot Stop – 1/23
  6. Time to Care Campaign Film Viewing – 1/30
  7. Sultan and the Saint Film Viewing – 1/31
  8. BIT – Ann Arbor Vineyard – 2/3
  9. ICPJ Monthly Orientations – 2/5 & 2/7
  10. Peace Team Training – 2/10
  11. LATF Dinner & a Movie: Nogales – 2/13
  12. Connect & Act – Save the Date! – 3/10
  13. Stop Spencer Town Hall – 1/13

14. IRT Faces of Faith 2018 – 1/14

MLK Day Community Events 1/15
15. UM MLK Day Symposium events – All Day
16. EMU MLK Day Celebration events – Fri/Sat/Sun
17. Chelsea March and a Movie – 5:15 PM
18. “Me, the Other” Film Premiere, MI Theater- 7 PM

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