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Report on Beth Israel vigil 07-28-18

Posted on August 1st, 2018 at 12:26 pm by

Dear Jacqueline

A close friend of ours lives in Hillsdale County. She has held that this writer’s interest – including speaking out – about the Holocaust undermines Palestinian liberation. This report is for her, and others who hold a similar opinion.

Jacqueline notes a few things: One, that I have an effective message attempting to halt the plight of the Palestinian people and can deliver that message in an impassioned, reasoned presentation. She notes others speakers, and other groups, deliver such messages without mucking it up with comments about a 75-year-old historical event.

Here’s the rub: the current release of Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi brings tears of sympathy and joy from those few activists who pay attention to the endless crimes of the Jewish state perpetrated against innocent Palestinians. We remember our friend Basem Abu Rahme, shot to death by Israeli forces in April 2009. And we remember American student Rachel Corrie, who was crushed to death by a Jewish bulldozer operator in March 2003. The list goes on and on, and our hearts are torn by the suffering of Palestinians and those supporters who have had their lives taken by Israelis.

But no matter how much we grieve, no matter how much average Americans feel for the Palestinians, these feelings of sorrow and pity are ALWAYS TRUMPED by the alleged suffering of Jews during the Holocaust.

It’s that simple. If it were any other people trampling the lives and rights of Palestinians, Americans would have no problem going after the perpetrators of these crimes and bringing justice to Palestine. But because the actual perpetrators are Jews, we Americans go soft in the gut and can’t bring ourselves to hold these particular perpetrators responsible for their crimes.

The Holocaust – as it is presented to us by a Jewish Hollywood and a complicit American press – is the ultimate gate keeper that prevents Palestine’s oppressor from being exposed and brought to justice.

Mendacity and Manipulation


Jacqueline is correct in stating I have lost friends, mutual friends too, over my writings and talks about the Holocaust. But she is mistaken when she claims it is I who brings up the topic. Check the 300+ movies Hollywood has cranked out on the topic, not even counting (if we could) the other movies not listed as Holocaust films, but carry some slight – and pointed – reference to it. And try this: search the New York Times for “Holocaust” on a regular basis and observe for yourself how consent on this topic has been manufactured by the Holocaust Industry. [type into your browser “site: holocaust”]. It’s almost as if, instead of the actual persecution of Jews being incidental to World War II, that war is perceived as incidental to the Holocaust. Hollywood has been labeled the best messaging machine in the world, and we have indeed been manipulated to the point where Palestinian suffering lies secondary to Jewish suffering.

Mendacity? Listen to Dan McGowan: “If other myths, like making soap from human fat, have been dismissed as Allied war propaganda, why is it ‘unacceptable behavior‘ to ask if the gas chamber at Dachau was not reconstructed by the Americans because no other homicidal gas chamber could be found and used as evidence at the Nuremburg trials?”

Soap making and lampshade myths join others, not so well known: Thomas Dalton (Debating the Holocaust, 2017) documents claims of mass killings by electrocution in “electronically charged vats”, reported by the New York Times in 1942. Today, as Dalton writes, these claims “are all completely discredited”. Likewise the claims of deaths by steam chambers have been found “difficult to see” even by Holocaust traditionalist Gerald Reitlinger (Dalton, pp 143-145).


Have we, in the words of Malcolm X, been “took, hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray and run amok” when it comes to separating true Jewish WWII suffering from the Hollywood Holocaust? Will we ever see the day when, as part of US middle school required reading, the story of Razan Al Najar joins Anne Frank on the library shelves? Is Bishop Richard Williamson – with whom we quaffed a beer in London in 2010 – correct when he estimates the total number of Jewish deaths in WWII as 200-300,000? Why are there no open debates on the topic? Is it becoming more obvious why the media over-saturates Americans with endless Holocaust “eye-witness testimonies”?

Our Pledge

To dear Jacqueline I pledge to stop writing and speaking about the inaccuracies in the traditional Holocaust narrative as soon as THEY stop writing, forcing their one-sided view of history upon American students, stop manufacturing books, movies, and “news” reports about this topic, and imposing prison sentences on revisionists like Monika Shaefer. Swear to Buddha.


Attendance held between 4 and 5 vigilers June 30, July 7, 14, 21, 28
Witness for Peace
No Jewish State
Henry Herskovitz

4 Responses to “Report on Beth Israel vigil 07-28-18”

  1. Ibrahim Soudy

    The demand to accept the official narrative about that event and prevent others from doing their own independent research amounts to Jewish Intellectual Terrorism………………..

  2. Jim Rizoli

    To learn the truth about the Holocaust go to and unclutter your mind.


  3. Clif Brown


    I think your reasoning about the holocaust running in the mental background and determining the views of Americans is exactly right, but I think your effort to undermine the standard view of the holocaust is not helping your overall effort to see justice done in Palestine.

    In the American mind the issue is simple: Holocaust = unprecedented horror, Palestinian situation = just another problem on the world stage. This becomes: Jews = an unprecedentedly wronged people who deserve our sympathy and support, Palestinians = they have a tough life, but nothing by comparison to past injustice to Jews. Bottom line: do nothing.

    I’m not a doubter that the holocaust was an epic horror, though I can’t weigh in on the details. Whatever the details, you are up against such a widespread and thoroughly inculcated portrayal of what happened which you have no chance of changing, that you undermine the situation you present about what is going on in Palestine/Israel right now, alienating those who might be willing to listen to the Palestinian story. People will go with their general good feeling for Israel and condemn you out of hand.

    I have found even with good friends who respect my intelligence, there is a wall that I cannot get through regarding Israel. People will listen respectfully and then feel exactly the same way they did before I mentioned the facts I have discovered. It takes no effort to hold to an opinion while it takes great effort to examine facts that will challenge that opinion. We are emotionally driven first of all, rational creatures a distant second.

    I believe Israel will fail through its own doing, not from pressure to change its ways. The US will continue to show pure hypocrisy in unlimited support for a country that blatantly rejects liberty and justice for all. With that guaranteed support, Israel will become ever more extreme until the Jewish diaspora will find The Jewish State repugnant in its ever increasing similarity to Nazi Germany, a repudiation of all things good about Judaism, the last place they would consider as a home and deserving of the title of pariah.

    This is happening for all to see but it may take a while before justice to the Palestinians is done!

  4. Henry Herskovitz

    Hi Clif

    I’m also not a doubter that many Jews suffered at the hands of the Nazis, but I think we’re entitled to know just how much suffering actually occurred. When we consider that 55 million people perished during WWII and ASSUME the revisionist claim of 550,000 Jewish deaths (some estimates, like that of the ICRC, are less) we see that the “holocaust” represents 1% of total deaths, hardly a footnote to the war.

    When author Joel Hayward penned his masters thesis “The Fate of Jews in German Hands”, he was hounded until he recanted, although it’s hard to see how could doubt his own voluminous amount (over 1,000) of footnotes to support his thesis.

    It’s clear (to me) that Jewish Power needs a little challenging: it’s exemplified in the state of Israel, and its command of major foreign powers, the US among them. And challenging this power on all fronts seems workable. It’s this power that forbids your friends from challenging themselves on these topics.

    If you’re correct in assuming Israel will fall under its own doing (you well might be), then our Saturday vigils and my writings about the holocaust are wasted efforts. Personally, I just can’t stand doing nothing, and I guess if I didn’t feel we were effective in these two areas I’d stop.

    But I think we’re on the right track, even though I’m willing to accept your respectful disagreement.

    Don’t forget that Palestinians aren’t the only group suffering under the holocaust. The entire German population, and the group of us who feel the truth needs to be honored, are also victims.

    The tipping point, where 98% of Americans realize they’re being duped into believing lies, and having their sons and daughters die in foreign lands under the orders from the US Jewish Lobby, has yet to be reached.

    But in the words of Hooker to grifter Henry Gondorff at the end of The Sting, “It’s close.”

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