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Report on Beth Israel vigil 01-05-19

Posted on January 5th, 2019 at 9:14 pm by

Jewish Power and the Ohio State Buckeyes

We now admit a sneaky suspicion that our billboard was in erected in a precarious location. It was on the outskirts of Marion, Ohio, facing southbound traffic on US-23, the route used by most Ann Arbor football fans who would travel to Columbus on November 24 for the annual routing of the Michigan Wolverines by the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Here are some facts: On October 10, we received a letter from Lind Media Company President John Siegenthaler, signaling his “look[ing] forward to working with [Deir Yassin Remembered] to generate an outstanding campaign”. On December 8, we received the following email from the Company:

Good afternoon,

Your statement is attached – we issued two credits toward your account due to your advertising being removed. Please remit payment at your earliest convenience toward the remaining balance on the account.

Please let me know if there are any questions.


A phone call determined that our billboard had been taken down some time during the week immediately following Michigan’s loss to the Buckeyes. And before we made any rash statements guessing who was behind this deplatforming (the new term for denying folks access to media), we decided to pen Mr. Siegenthaler a letter with our questions:

1. Who made the decision to breach our contract with Lind?
2. Why was the decision made?
3. Why wasn’t DYR contacted prior to having the billboard taken down? Wouldn’t due        process demand such contact?
4. Who contacted Lind to request the billboard be taken down?
5. What were their names, and organizations they represented?
6. Can Lind provide their contact information?
7. When was the contact made to Lind?
8. What were the specific complaints these people/organizations made to Lind?
9. Did the threat of withholding advertising dollars by these people/organizations play a part in Lind’s decision to breach our contract?

Alas, two unreturned phone calls from the President leaves us back to conjecturing who was behind the removal of our billboards. Was it a group of Buckeye fans intent on rubbing salt in our wounds? Was it disgruntled Wolverine fans lashing out in anger? Was it Ohio farmers frustrated over the increase in corn prices?

Or … was it the Jewish community exercising their power to control the media, as they did with other outdoor media companies like Lamar Advertising and Adams Outdoor? Right now, only Mr. Siegenthaler has the answer.

Two New Signs at the Vigil

We have become aware of the hypocrisy of Jewish groups like the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS) pushing for unlimited, legal and illegal immigration, while limiting Israeli immigration to Jews only. We feel our sign “Open Borders for Israel” shines a spotlight on that hypocrisy. Our other sign borrows a unique graphic from the anti-Trump crowd and conveys an important message.


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