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Report on Beth Israel vigil 07-07-12

Posted on July 17th, 2012 at 7:45 am by

Vote for Herskovitz

Tough times call for tough decisions and our tolerance of a war-mongering assassin who promised change, but has delivered nothing close to it, has run out. Instead, we have witnessed the creation of a police state to deal with peaceful protesters, Wall Street bailouts, continued disproportionate incarceration of minorities (mostly due to a misguided “war on drugs”), assassinations (while ostensibly peddling “democracy” in the world), and continuing the war-mongering spirit of his predecessor. So this writer’s name will appear on the state primary ballot August 7, in an attempt to rid the country of this Nobel peace prize recipient, war monger and assassin. Polls open at 7am!

State Primary
Tuesday, August 07, 2012
Washtenaw County, Michigan
City of Ann Arbor, Ward 5 Precinct 4

Vote for not more than 2
Anne C. Cherney Republican
Henry Herskovitz Republican
Thomas James Republican

To view entire ballot, click here and select “Washtenaw” as County, “City of Ann Arbor” as Jurisdiction and “Ward 5 Precinct 4” as “Precinct”

Magistrate Currie Plays it Safe

Ann Arbor Magistrate Margaret Currie delivered a two-page opinion, concluding “No cause of action” in May’s ‘Trial of the Century’. In her opinion, “Assuming that both parties were equally truthful, the fact that Mr. Herskovitz did not have a good look at the individual calls the weight of his testimony (and specifically not his truthfulness) into question enough that the Court cannot conclude that it is more likely than not that Mr. Levy stole the sign.”. Please click here for Currie’s full decision. JWPF’s legal team notes that Magistrate Currie declined to find the defendant “Not Guilty” as she could have done.

Mark Hannah (street) Neighbors Organize

The First Amendment had better watch out on this neighborhood street. The display of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends’ new flag depicting our anti-Israel position (see Report on Beth Israel vigil 06-02-12) has raised a few eyebrows. The neighbors have submitted a written request to have the flag removed, signed by eleven households. To view a copy of this request, with signatures, please click here. A response is in the works. Stay tuned.


Henry Herskovitz
Nine vigilers
Saying No to Jewish supremacism in Palestine
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

2 Responses to “Report on Beth Israel vigil 07-07-12”

  1. Anonymous

    One small step for Mark Hannah street, one giant leap for Palestine consciousness in a major university town.

  2. James F. Harrington

    Go Henry…Go
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