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Report on Beth Israel vigil 12-17-16

Posted on December 18th, 2016 at 3:12 pm by

Jewish Power From the Outside

About a year ago, we reported how Lamar Outdoor Advertising refused (after first running) our billboard, which calls for a proper orientation of national priorities to reflect American interests above Israel’s. In that report we identified the Detroit, Michigan branch of the Anti-Defamation League and the Detroit Jewish News as being players in squelching our side of the story. Questions of open and fair news reporting were raised, and although we have no smoking gun, Witness for Peace and Deir Yassin Remembered feel strongly that the organized Jewish community of Detroit bears responsibility for Lamar’s cave-in. Read on …

Driving along America’s highways, we often encounter empty billboards calling for business by listing available space along with a phone number. A trend has been established:

1. A call is placed contacting the company from Deir Yassin Remembered
2. The call is routed to a sales agent
3. The sales agent is affable and somewhat excited about a new business opportunity
4. The sales agent looks forward to receiving the desired image
5. After consulting with his superiors, the sales agent informs us that they will be unable to run our billboard “at this time”. No explanation given.

The short list of advertisers who have denied our request is:

Lamar Advertising
Reach Outdoor Advertising
L & W Advertising
International Outdoor Advertising

DYR and WfP do not consider these refusals a failure on our part; rather, we encourage readers to consider the scope of Jewish Power, especially how it erases even the most mundane political statement from public view. What, exactly is politically incorrect in encouraging our government to put our interests ahead of another state which openly practices Apartheid?

Jewish Power From the Inside

Just as their (Right) Zionist cousins work to deny alternative points of view via billboard advertising, the Left Zionists, now represented by the Jewish leadership of Code Pink, have denied our friend Alison Weir her ability to disseminate crucial information. Richard Edmondson strikes the nail on the head when he pens “Running from the Truth: Code Pink Excludes Alison Weir from Event” Another trend is observed:

1. Jewish Voice for Peace bans Alison Weir
2. Jewish-led US Campaign for Palestinian Rights bans Alison
3. Jewish-led Code Pink doesn’t quite ban Alison but reneges on their invitation to have her join their Tribunal December 1-2. In her words, this decision “… in no way gives these facts the dissemination they would have received if they had not been sidelined from the main two-day event”, although she is “…pleased they’ve posted my testimony on the Code Pink website.”

Echoing the conclusions of Mr. Edmondson, we ask why Jewish leaders are “…ducking and running” from hard truths? Going a step further, we ask why these Jews are not confronting their own local Jewish communities, exposing the racism and supremacism existing there? Jews who do not engage in challenging these obvious forms of Jewish power are fulfilling Gilad Atzmon’s definition of Zionism: A Jewish tribal preservation project.

Want to Earn $100?

Be the first reader to discover a billboard company willing to use our “skin” (the vinyl covering containing our message – 14ft by 48 ft). Once you identify a willing host, merely contact this writer with that information. When the board goes up, Deir Yassin Remembered will have your check in the mail.


Dec. 3: Five vigilers
Dec, 10: Six vigilers
Dec. 17: Five vigilers

Henry Herskovitz
Witness for Peace

3 Responses to “Report on Beth Israel vigil 12-17-16”

  1. David

    Keep up the good, moral and just fight.
    Israel is rapidly rotting within and increasingly seen around the world, including the U.S., for what it truly is, racist and fascistic.

  2. Clif Brown

    Allison Weir specializes in documentation of all that she presents and doesn’t depart from that in her presentations. We are hearing about fake news, so Weir’s dedication to truth telling should be appreciated more than ever. I have not seen anyone prove her statements false. Her “If Americans Knew” website is a mine of factual information she worked hard to compile.

    The truth is the truth, no matter where it is presented. She should not be ostracized for going to any outlet that will allow her to speak freely. Should someone withhold posting a truthful essay on Breitbart out of fear of being associated with Breitbart? Of course not, because getting the truth out is the important thing and telling it is not reduced in value because the next poster might be a complete liar. What is being done to Weir accomplishes nothing but suppress of the truth and is being done by groups such as Code Pink that claim to be all about truth.

    Good for you, Henry in exposing this. The piece you linked by Richard Edmondson is right on point.

  3. Mark Richey

    It’s too bad their Weir herself is a camp follower of Code Fink and other liberal zionists and won’t voice any criticism of their action excluding her, except briefly, without mentioning the words Code Fink, on a video on her website whose title doesn’t refer to the censorship…
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