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Report on Beth Israel vigil 03-23-19

Posted on March 24th, 2019 at 12:24 pm by

A “Dangerous Path”

Three WfP members were joined by a vigil supporter from nearby Dearborn (MI) and attended a Westland Town Hall Meeting with Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and two Michigan Congressmen on March 16. Vigiler C had a few things to say and the following are excerpts:

Incredibly disappointed today. Just got back from hearing Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib speak at a town hall meeting in Westland. I had such high hopes, but they were dashed within the first five minutes. I can now only describe her as a “career politician”.
My friend, and fellow Palestinian Rights Activist, asked the first question. He put to the panel, “Is there a law at the state or federal level that forces Dual Citizens to declare their status or is there a list that we can see who these individuals are?”

… Ms. Tlaib said, “That’s a dangerous question. We don’t want to go there because that leads down the road to HATE.” She went on, but the rest was blather, and the moans, groans, and dirty looks from those around us, after he raised the question, spoke volumes.

The “elephant in the room”, that Ms. Tlaib so artfully tiptoed around, is the question of Jewish Power and corruption. Until the people of the world force our governments to END the Apartheid Nation-State, the Palestinians, and all who care for equality and the spirit of Peace and Brotherhood, will continue to suffer.

Gideon Levy once said that the Jews will never fix the situation, and after 80 years of occupation and barbaric oppression, I must agree with him.

Rashida Disappoints Another Activist

Vigil Supporter D also attended the Town Hall Meeting and shares these thoughts:

I was not only disappointed in Rashida’s response to Henry’s very generic question about dual citizenship, but I was unhappy with her reply to my own question about military spending. I pointed out that total defense spending–including pentagon, war budget, homeland security, VA, etc–is well over $1 trillion per year.

I said that a mere 10% or 20% cut in this could go a long way toward universal health care, free college tuition, a green economy, infrastructure upgrades, and so on. In reply, however, Rashida would have none of this. She showed neither an understanding of this situation nor any sympathy with my concern.

This puts her firmly on the side of the Israel-firsters, who love nothing more than a powerful, global US military machine that can take on Muslims, Arabs, and any other enemies of the Jewish State. Very disappointing.


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  1. Your Parents, Sol?

    I’m not sure why you would have such high hopes for Rashida Tlaib. After all, she is a member of Congress. There’s also the issues I pointed to in my comment about her on your last report. Finally, a little research would reveal she has pretty strong pro-Israel bona fides.

    Your Ann Arbor homeboy Steve Friess wrote about this in “Rashida Tlaib's Political Patron Is Jewish — And Insists She Supports Two-State Solution“. After getting a lock on her seat by winning the Democratic primary she apparently switched positions to support of one-state in Palestine, alienating J Street whose endorsement she had previously sought and won. This is to the good but you have to wonder about the integrity of such a “flexible” politician. In any case, her switch apparently didn’t turn her mentor, Tobocman, against her and she has publicly distanced herself somewhat from BDS and Palestine advocacy:

    As she prepares to take office, Tlaib’s position on the movement to boycott, divest and impose sanctions on Israel also has been dissected by the media and opponents.

    Asked to clarify, Tlaib said she supports the free speech rights of those in the movement and was taken aback by a bill under consideration in Congress to “criminalize” the economic boycott.

    “The movement to me is so much about who we are as Americans. We should be able to do economic boycotts, no matter the country,” she said.

    In Congress, she won’t be focused on Palestinian issues, Tlaib added.

    “People at home in the district just see me as Rashida — the one who’s going to take on corporate greed,” she said.

    Sure, some Jews think Tlaib’s a Hitler-in-the-making but Jewish outrage and fear is never good evidence of anything except Jewish outrage and fear. Don’t forget Obama was/is Hitler, or an appeaser of the new Iranian Hitler, or a Nazi marching Jews to the ovens, or maybe just the new Haman—take your pick.
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