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A picture says a thousand words A Palestinian businessman in Ann Arbor tells me this week that Judaism and Zionism are two distinct and separate entities, a claim heard often on the Left. When I shared with him that in 1942 over 800 rabbis signed onto the document “Zionism: an Affirmation of Judaism”, he responded […]

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain A remark made by Barbara Harvey at her BDS presentation two weeks ago still sticks in our collective craw: in response to a question, she said “What is being criticized [by the BDS movement] is not a people”. What is being criticized, she clarified, is […]

Why say “Jewish” when you can say “White” (and dodge responsibility)? Pictured below is Anna Baltzer, peace activist and National Organizer with the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, She’s holding a sign reading “Challenge White Supremacy”. Sounds like a reasonable claim, until you visit her own web page and find out Anna is […]

The “Parushim”, Jewish Goodfellas OK, raise your hands if you knew this one: Most people know that Louis Brandeis was a famous, Jewish Supreme Court Justice. But few know of his fervent support of Zionism and that he was a leader in a clandestine organization called the Parushim (Hebrew for “Pharisees” and “separate”). According to […]

Talk Show Says No Go Local radio personality Lucy Ann Lance conducts a daily talk show on AM-WLBY 1290. First starting as a weekly show in 2009, she says “We’ve developed a platform that will focus on our community, its people and the local business economy.” Recent shows have highlighted the upcoming mayoral race, running events […]
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