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Report on Beth Israel vigil 04-20-19

Posted on April 23rd, 2019 at 4:44 pm by

Journalistic Integrity?

In three separate issues* of the Washtenaw Jewish News, Witness for Peace has been maligned with the false statement that Jews “deserved” all that came to them during WWII. Former editor Susan Ayer refused to print our clarifying, one-sentence letter during her tenure:

“To clear up any misunderstanding between our group and the local Jewish community, neither I nor anyone in our group believes that Jews “deserved” the suffering they experienced during World War II in Europe.”

When we heard that Ayer was being replaced with Clare Kinberg earlier this year, we got excited about the possibility that Kinberg would “do the right thing” and publish our letter.

Not so fast, said Clare during our April 15th phone conversation. She said didn’t want to print our views in the newspaper, and I agreed that the WJN should not be used as an outlet for our views, which we knew differed from those of her paper. However, when I pressed that, for the sake of honest journalism, the errors contained in the three issues be corrected, her response was that, if we felt maligned by the Jewish News, we would have to find other publications to print the letter.

A free press: when you own one, you’re free to do what you want.

Do NOT Say “Jewish Power”

Brad ** is a local entrepreneur in Ann Arbor, offering bicycle-powered coach rides throughout our downtown and campus. A sponsor of his was Bank of Ann Arbor, distinguishable by its unique colors and many billboards around town.

Brad also tows a smaller rig which appeared to be a small, rolling billboard. “Your ad here” read this small chariot, and I called the announced phone number.

How much, I asked? $1,000 per month was the reply. Would you take a political statement? That depends … what would it say? It would say “America First Not Israel”

“Let me think about that. I lost a contract with Bank of Ann Arbor recently, and have become wary of certain kinds of political statements”

Back Story

Last September 11, the Michigan Diag (main campus commons) is the annual setting for the “Never Forget” display reminding folks of the government’s story of 9/11: that hijackers rammed passenger aircraft into the World Trade Center towers, which alone caused their free-fall collapses onto their own footprints.

Our friend Larry takes to the Diag with his own version of events that day– specifically that Israel and the CIA had a hand in the events of 9/11 – and is quite knowledgeable about the topic. To advance his physical presence, this writer rented the above pictured trailer from which Larry spoke his mind.

On the phone this month, Brad told me a Jewish woman made a call to Bank of Ann Arbor to complain that she felt “threatened” when Larry was speaking, and within a day Brad was informed that his contract with the Bank was cancelled; he would receive no more payments. This writer observed a woman making a phone call just as Brad described.

Brad refused our $1,000, and who could blame him?

Jewish Power at work, or not? You decide.


Four vigilers
Thumbs: 19, Fingers: 5
America First, Not Israel
Witness for Peace
Henry Herskovitz

*“An open letter to an Ann Arbor hate group”, WJN Sept. 2015
“It’s official: picketers are pro-Nazi “Hate Group”, WJN April 2017
“Ann Arbor picketers and the Charlottesville Nazis”, WJN October 2017

** Alias

Report on Beth Israel vigil 04-06-19

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Springtime Arrives in Ann Arbor

Vigiler G returned to the lineup Saturday after taking a winter’s break, as Witness for Peace celebrated the first warm day of 2019. The day coincided with Ann Arbor’s annual Hash Bash, which might have contributed to our Official Scorekeeper’s report of 46 “thumbs” vs. 10 “fingers”.

Our weekly counter-protester carries a sign, reading “God Bless Israel”. Wfp responds with the above sign, and just cannot imagine a God who would condone dropping white phosphorus bombs on civilian populations, merely to insure Jewish theft of Palestinian land.

Leo Frank and the Holocaust

(Repeated from my post on Facebook)

Banned books are quite attractive, so when Amazon deep-sixed “The Leo Frank Case – The Lynching of a Guilty Man” (The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. 3) I ordered a copy from its publisher, the Nation of Islam.

Wikipedia is quick to charge “anti-Semitism” in its page on Leo Frank as one of the “racial concerns” related to his lynching.

Not true, explains the book, and if you don’t have time to reads its 500 pages, Ron Unz has provided an excellent summary at

According to both book and article, “anti-Semitism” played no part whatsoever in Frank’s trial, 13 appeals, and subsequent upholding of the guilty verdict by the Supreme Court.

It was only AFTER the trial, when Jewish elites Albert Lasker, Adolph Ochs, Jacob Schiff and others wanted to take the case to the court of public opinion, that false charges of “anti-Semitism” arose. The creation of the Anti-Defamation League was one of the results of this effort.

Here’s the connection to the Holocaust:

Two facts in the Leo Frank case: (1) He was a Jew, (2) He was lynched. The rest was concocted to portray Jews as victims in order to cement their claim to eternal victimhood, and reap possible benefits.

Two facts of the Holocaust: (2) Adolf Hitler made no bones of not liking Jews. (2) Jews were sent to concentration camps; many died. The rest (written orders from Hitler to exterminate Jews, building homicidal gas chambers, and claiming 6 million victims) was concocted to portray Jews as victims in order to cement their claim to eternal victimhood, and reap possible benefits.

Half-baked or not? You decide


Four vigilers
America First, Not Israel
Witness for Peace
Henry Herskovitz

Report on Beth Israel vigil 03-23-19

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A “Dangerous Path”

Three WfP members were joined by a vigil supporter from nearby Dearborn (MI) and attended a Westland Town Hall Meeting with Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and two Michigan Congressmen on March 16. Vigiler C had a few things to say and the following are excerpts:

Incredibly disappointed today. Just got back from hearing Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib speak at a town hall meeting in Westland. I had such high hopes, but they were dashed within the first five minutes. I can now only describe her as a “career politician”.
My friend, and fellow Palestinian Rights Activist, asked the first question. He put to the panel, “Is there a law at the state or federal level that forces Dual Citizens to declare their status or is there a list that we can see who these individuals are?”

… Ms. Tlaib said, “That’s a dangerous question. We don’t want to go there because that leads down the road to HATE.” She went on, but the rest was blather, and the moans, groans, and dirty looks from those around us, after he raised the question, spoke volumes.

The “elephant in the room”, that Ms. Tlaib so artfully tiptoed around, is the question of Jewish Power and corruption. Until the people of the world force our governments to END the Apartheid Nation-State, the Palestinians, and all who care for equality and the spirit of Peace and Brotherhood, will continue to suffer.

Gideon Levy once said that the Jews will never fix the situation, and after 80 years of occupation and barbaric oppression, I must agree with him.

Rashida Disappoints Another Activist

Vigil Supporter D also attended the Town Hall Meeting and shares these thoughts:

I was not only disappointed in Rashida’s response to Henry’s very generic question about dual citizenship, but I was unhappy with her reply to my own question about military spending. I pointed out that total defense spending–including pentagon, war budget, homeland security, VA, etc–is well over $1 trillion per year.

I said that a mere 10% or 20% cut in this could go a long way toward universal health care, free college tuition, a green economy, infrastructure upgrades, and so on. In reply, however, Rashida would have none of this. She showed neither an understanding of this situation nor any sympathy with my concern.

This puts her firmly on the side of the Israel-firsters, who love nothing more than a powerful, global US military machine that can take on Muslims, Arabs, and any other enemies of the Jewish State. Very disappointing.


Four vigilers
Support Scoreboard: 33 Thumbs up v. 8 negatives
America First, Not Israel
Witness for Peace
Henry Herskovitz

Report on Beth Israel vigil 03-09-19

Posted on March 13th, 2019 at 5:39 pm by

WfP Supports Rashida and Ilhan

US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib will be co-hosting a Town Hall meeting with Michigan State Senator Erika Geiss and State Congressman Kevin Coleman this Saturday March 16 at John Glenn High School in Westland, Michigan (10:30 – 12:00).

Witness for Peace is excited about this opportunity to support Rashida (and US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar) as they appear to be the only elected officials who understand the corrosive impact the Israel Lobby has on US Foreign Policy.

As a result, Witness for Peace announces a CHANGE of VENUE for this Saturday’s protest to the parking lot of John Glenn in Westland (See map here). We then plan on attending the Town Hall meeting and offering fliers to interested citizens. Ergo, there will be NO scheduled vigil at Beth Israel Congregation this week.

Please join us: we will gather at 10:00 am near the entrance to John Glenn, holding signs in support of these brave women, and challenging the Lobby’s influence on our government.


Acting upon his own initiative, Vigiler C has started compiling the number of supporting gestures we receive from passing motorists (thumbs) and opposing gestures (fingers). His data follows:

(Date, Thumbs, Fingers)

Feb. 8           11 –   1

Feb. 16         16  –  3

Feb. 23         18  –  8

Mar.  2         21 –  7

Mar.  9         12 –   4

We report, you decide.


America First, Not Israel
Witness for Peace
Henry Herskovitz

Report on Beth Israel vigil 02-23-19

Posted on February 24th, 2019 at 12:00 pm by

Five Protesters Greet the “Israeli” Philharmonic

If you relied on local mainstream media to cover our protest of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra on the University of Michigan campus, you’d be disappointed. “No coverage” seems to be the order of the day from the (((powers))) that be, as exhibited by newspapers refusing to run paid adverts of our vigils (Ann Arbor News and Ann Arbor Observer), and billboard companies, like Lind Media, Lamar Advertising and Adams Outdoor breaching their contracts with Deir Yassin Remembered, so that the public is denied our simple message, “America First, Not Israel”.

To learn who controls you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

This media, however, informs our readers that five of us took to the entranceway of Hill Auditorium on Saturday, February 9 to greet concert goers and remind them of Israel’s atrocities and the harm its influence produces on our foreign policies.

A few individuals expressed interest in our messages as they entered the building, some even staying for extended conversation. Campus police were open and friendly; they knew what to expect from us and were not surprised by our presence, having alerted them in advance.

Of course, some Israel partisans initiated cat-calls and other name-calling slurs: one woman said we should “be ashamed” to be there. We told her that it wasn’t us who was shooting unarmed protesters in Gaza, and she entered Hill in silence. Another man repeatedly shouted “Never Again!”, reminding us just how necessary a de-construction of the Holocaust is to Palestinian Liberation. The road to a free Palestine runs right through Auschwitz/Oswiecim.

One More Thing

The use of “anti-Semitism” is a clever ruse to indicate (falsely) that Jews are Semites, i.e. indigenous to the Levant. But what music is played by the Jewish State’s Philharmonic Orchestra? European music!! Yes, concert-goers heard Schubert and Tchaikovsky on February 9, not [Palestinian composers] Habib Hasan Touma nor Wisam Gibran.

Billboard Update

Some readers reminded us that the link to our letter to Lind Media Company was not functioning. We apologize, and (hopefully) that letter can be reviewed here, and text of letter follows signature. We received our two billboard vinyl prints from Lind Media, and they have not billed us for any storage fees. We await response to the final request: that the outstanding balance be waived.

While this appears a small victory, we would much rather have had Lind honor their contract, and run our message on their billboard as originally agreed upon.

Four vigilers Feb. 9 and 16, Three vigilers Feb. 23
Anti-Semitism: A logical reaction to bad Jewish-group behavior
Witness for Peace
Henry Herskovitz

Letter to Lind Media …

January 28, 2019

Lind Media Company
Attn: John L. Siegenthaler
409-411 North Main Street
Mansfield, OH 44902

Dear Mr. Siegenthaler:

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me Friday, January 11. We are disappointed that the contract we signed on September 25, 2018, was terminated early by Lind Media. Our understanding was that the contract would be fully honored by both parties through its stated completion date of January 6, 2019.

The contract provides that Lind Media has the right to refuse to publish advertisements that are “obscene”, “unnecessarily offensive”, and/or contrary to “the best interests of the community at large.” We still have no idea why our ad, bearing the simple text “America First Not Israel,” was published and then removed.

Our position is that when Lind Media reviewed our ad and subsequently posted it Lind Media constructively agreed that our ad complied fully with its content standards. Further, we believe Lind Media, having waived its right to refuse our ad on the basis of content, has no authority to later refuse the same ad on the basis of content. Thus, your unexplained decision to remove our ad was a breach of contract.

Had we known in advance that Lind Media would breach a contract we signed in good faith, we would not have agreed to work with Lind Media in the first place. Consequently, we request that Lind Media waive the $675.00 balance (and any storage fees) it claims is due on our account. We further request that our two vinyl “skins” in possession of Lind Media be returned to us. We are willing to pick them up at your Mansfield offices or have them delivered to 250 Highlake Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48103-2004, at Lind Media’s expense.

We have been advised by the Small Claims Court offices of Mansfield, Ohio, that it is customary to send a courtesy letter explaining our claims and we’re hopeful this letter complies. A 30-day waiting period was also suggested before the initiation of court proceedings.


Report on Beth Israel vigil 02-02-19

Posted on February 7th, 2019 at 12:53 pm by

Israel Fiddles while Palestine Burns

The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra is being hosted by the University [of Michigan] Musical Society, in an attempt to normalize a country that discriminates against Palestinian Christians and Muslims, is in violation of over 70 UN Resolution, maintains an illegal wall, kills unarmed Palestinian protesters, including first responders, enjoys racist laws, etc., etc. Witness for Peace invites you to join us in protest at:

Hill Auditorium, 825 N. University Ave Ann Arbor, Michigan
This Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019
7:00 – 8:05 pm (Concert begins at 8:00 pm)

Ann Arbor and UM Campus police have been notified to insure safety at this event.

Facebook Notification at

Holocaust Remembrance Day

This writer spoke at the recent Ann Arbor City Council meeting to suggest that the Holocaust be treated as an historical event, without the mantle of religion which it has assumed. Advance to 00:34:05 here to watch the presentation. Full text is included after signature

Billboard Update

Lind Media Company has billed Deir Yassin Remembered for funds AFTER they breached the contract with us. Since they have not responded to our request that they explain the circumstances surrounding the decision to terminate our contract, we have contacted the Small Claims Court of Mansfield, Ohio to initiate legal proceedings to have Lind retract their latest demand and return our property without storage charges. The Court advised a courtesy letter be sent to Lind and a 30-day waiting period for response. See letter to President John Siegenthaler here.


Three-four vigilers Jan 12, 19, 26 and Feb. 2
Anti-Semitism: An understandable reaction to bad Jewish-group behavior
Witness for Peace
Henry Herskovitz


Ann Arbor City Council Meeting
Feb. 4, 2019

Good evening,

I want to share with Council a document known as the Hasbara Handbook. It teaches Jewish students how to promote Israel on campus. Hasbara is a Hebrew word that roughly translates to “propaganda”. Under the chapter heading “Seven Basic Propaganda Devices” we find “Name Calling”.

I quote: “Through the careful choice of words, the name calling technique links a person or an idea to a negative symbol.”

Former Israeli Minister of Education, Shulamit Aloni exposed this technique in 2002, saying, ”Well, it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country people are criticizing Israel, then they are anti-Semitic.”

Former Ann Arbor City Councilman Joan Lowenstein has written that I am a “Holocaust Denier”. Other Ann Arbor citizens such as Elena Shur and Eve Silberman have joined in applying the name-calling technique.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has placed Ann Arbor Michigan on its National “Hate” Map simply because of one person’s association with a remembrance group. No proof of “hate” is evidenced.

It’s important to recognize that “anti-Semite”, “Holocaust Denier” and “Hater” are mere epithets thrown at someone to silence them.

If, by using the name “Holocaust Denier”, Ms Lowenstein and others think that I don’t believe Jews were targeted by Germany’s National Socialists, they are wrong.

If they think I don’t believe that Jews were shipped off to concentration camps they are wrong.

If they think I don’t believe that partisan Jews were killed by Einsatzgruppen troops, they are wrong

And if they think I don’t believe that vast numbers of Jews died in these concentration camps, they are likewise wrong.

Holocaust Remembrance Day can be used as a day to reflect on world history and I support the effort. But when examining an historical event becomes reason to silence a person’s informed opinion, that historical event assumes a religious mantle, where one is shunned and silenced, and in some 17 countries, imprisoned.

Religion or History? It’s up to us to decide.

Thank you

Report on Beth Israel vigil 01-05-19

Posted on January 5th, 2019 at 9:14 pm by

Jewish Power and the Ohio State Buckeyes

We now admit a sneaky suspicion that our billboard was in erected in a precarious location. It was on the outskirts of Marion, Ohio, facing southbound traffic on US-23, the route used by most Ann Arbor football fans who would travel to Columbus on November 24 for the annual routing of the Michigan Wolverines by the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Here are some facts: On October 10, we received a letter from Lind Media Company President John Siegenthaler, signaling his “look[ing] forward to working with [Deir Yassin Remembered] to generate an outstanding campaign”. On December 8, we received the following email from the Company:

Good afternoon,

Your statement is attached – we issued two credits toward your account due to your advertising being removed. Please remit payment at your earliest convenience toward the remaining balance on the account.

Please let me know if there are any questions.


A phone call determined that our billboard had been taken down some time during the week immediately following Michigan’s loss to the Buckeyes. And before we made any rash statements guessing who was behind this deplatforming (the new term for denying folks access to media), we decided to pen Mr. Siegenthaler a letter with our questions:

1. Who made the decision to breach our contract with Lind?
2. Why was the decision made?
3. Why wasn’t DYR contacted prior to having the billboard taken down? Wouldn’t due        process demand such contact?
4. Who contacted Lind to request the billboard be taken down?
5. What were their names, and organizations they represented?
6. Can Lind provide their contact information?
7. When was the contact made to Lind?
8. What were the specific complaints these people/organizations made to Lind?
9. Did the threat of withholding advertising dollars by these people/organizations play a part in Lind’s decision to breach our contract?

Alas, two unreturned phone calls from the President leaves us back to conjecturing who was behind the removal of our billboards. Was it a group of Buckeye fans intent on rubbing salt in our wounds? Was it disgruntled Wolverine fans lashing out in anger? Was it Ohio farmers frustrated over the increase in corn prices?

Or … was it the Jewish community exercising their power to control the media, as they did with other outdoor media companies like Lamar Advertising and Adams Outdoor? Right now, only Mr. Siegenthaler has the answer.

Two New Signs at the Vigil

We have become aware of the hypocrisy of Jewish groups like the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS) pushing for unlimited, legal and illegal immigration, while limiting Israeli immigration to Jews only. We feel our sign “Open Borders for Israel” shines a spotlight on that hypocrisy. Our other sign borrows a unique graphic from the anti-Trump crowd and conveys an important message.


Four vigilers
Anti-Semitism: An understandable reaction to bad group behavior
Witness for Peace
Henry Herskovitz
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