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Ann Arbor Quakers Put it to Josh Ruebner Floating across our desk this week appears a letter to several top dogs in the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and Jewish Voice for Peace from the local Quaker peace group, Palestine Israel Action Group (PIAG). Obviously concerned about USCEIO and JVP’s recent ouster of […]

JWPF Completes Twelve Years Holding Jewish Community Accountable Guest vigiler Michael Rabb joined our ranks this Saturday as seven activists continued the “only game in town” – holding congregants of Beth Israel Congregation accountable for their political, spiritual, and (especially) financial support for the Jewish state, which continues its genocidal program of cleansing Palestine of […]

Quality, Not Quantity Sometimes it takes a d’oh! moment to hear the voice of reason. Last week’s report, you may remember, called for readers to express their opinion whether a certain cartoon sign should be posted at the vigils. The vote was 11-8 FOR displaying the cartoon. But Vigil Supporter J posited a game-changer. He […]

A Day in the Life (I) A female bicyclist cruises by our vigils, checks out our signs, and moves on, only to return a few minutes later. From my distant vantage point, I sense a slight commotion, and saunter over. The woman has turned our sign, “Israel: No Right to Exist” around and is attempting […]

Raul Hilberg: “I am at a loss.” Three members of JWPF gathered around a small table this week to discuss The Great Holocaust Trial by Michael Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman was a reporter at the “false news” trial of community activist Ernst Zundel in Toronto in 1985 and also at the 1988 re-trial. Though Ernst was […]

Je suis Alison We wonder about the powers behind the organization when three officers of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation sign a document calling our friend Alison Weir onto the carpet to answer to charges from an un-named source. The three officers signing onto the document described are: Felicia Eaves, Co-Chair, Steering […]

Hanging Germans Out to Dry Much has been made of the recent debate between Yousef Munayyer and Peter Beinart, where, according to Gilad Atzmon, Munayyer exposed Beinart’s Jewish tribalism. Actually, Beinart did it to himself, telling his audience “Is my view shaped by the fact that as a Jew I’m attached to the idea that […]
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